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Amaury is a young girl, only about 15-16. She is very quiet, and rarely speaks. She is not the social type and would rather sit on the side-lines and watch the others. She also gets a bad wrap, and she tends to have a bad temper. Being and elf shape shifter mix she has pointed ears in her human/elf  form, with black hair, pale skin, and deep blue eyes. She is thin and fagile looking, but can stand up for herself when she wants. in her wolf form she is dark silver with deep red eyes. She has the power to heal, but refuses to use it because she has to touch what ever it is that shes healing, and she doesnt let anybody touch her and she can also control fire. She has built a wall, emotionally and mind-readers cant get into her mind.


Cossette is a gilr , about 17-18. She is shy at first, but will quickly warm up to almost anybody. She loves meating new people and making friends. She is overly sweat and trys to avoid conflict, she is very generous and trusting most of the time, but has her moments that make some people doubt her. she has an evil past but  has turned her life around. She is also an elf shapeshifter mix. She has pointed ears with pale skin, pale blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She is also thin and fradgile and delicate looking. She can tell what most people are feeling emotionally and she can controll the water. Evil powers, spells, and poisons have no effect on her. in her wolf form she has snow white fur and pale  green eyes.


Donovynn is a young male, about 15-16. he is also an elf shifter. he is protective and loyal over the few he bonds with. he is shy and quiet, but is nice and kind to those he cares about. he has light brown hair and one pale green and one silver eye and pointed ears. He is tall and muscular . He can control both fire and water and can heal, but it drains his energy and health and puts it in the other person.. In his wolf form he is jet black with one white sock and white markings under his eyes with the same eye color.


Z'ev is a young male about 16-17. He is also an elf shifter. he is an odd person, and is hard to understand, but to the few who get close to him- he is a loyal and loving friend. He often speaks in french, spanish, or languages from far off lands, but he does know english as well.. He has pointed ears, black hair with odd golden eyes. He is tall and is always wearing a hood and has a marking on his cheek with meaning,.. in his wolf form he Has Black and gold fur and dark blue eyes. In both forms he wont let anybody colse, because his skin/fur is make of fire and would burn even someone with the power to control is a punishment from his former master. He can  morph into many animals, but is usually in his wolf form

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