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F l i c k e r p a w

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Swaggin not Braggin . . F L I C K E R H O P E

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                      ~ F l i c k e r p a w ~

[[ g e n d e r ]]  Tom

[[ c l a n ]]  ThunderClan

[[ r a n k ]] Apprentice

[[ a g e ]] 12 moons

[[ m e n t o r ]] Hawkfire

[[ c r u s h ]] Relicfragment - always and forever

[[ k i t s ]]  None

[[ d e s c r i p t i o n /  p e r s o n a l i t y ]]

Flickerpawis a huge, muscular black and white tom, taller and more powerful thanmost apprentices his age, which is surprising, considering he took along break from his apprenticeship while nursing his wounds andgrieving his loss of Relicfragment. His tail is long and his eyes areamber with traces of gold. His paws are massive and very hefty withlong, ebony claws. Despite his usually care-free and easy personality,Flickerpaw has become very fickle and is easily angered by littlethings. He has his good days and bad days and does NOT like energeticcats. He can also become annoyed at bouncy, excited kits, and some catshave learned it is best to leave him alone.


As for his markings, he is black and white all over. HIs tail tip iswhite, more of a soft, dappled white than a snow white, and so are hispaws. His under belly is a darker ebony color, with only black ends.HIs ear tips are tufted and he has huge scars all over his body from his fight with Relicfragment. HIs left ear is shredded.

Theme song: Even If It Breaks Your Heart - Eli Young Band

Theme song (with Relicfragment): Somebody that I Used to Know - Gotye

This is amazing:

( ^^ Made By Relicfragment; isn't she just amazing? <3 )




ɢeɴder : мαle


Twine is a jet-black tom. Not an spot of white on him, from nose to tail tip! His large, kind of beady yellow/green eyes are deep, creepy and penetrating at SO many different levels. It's almost as if he can see into your soul . . .

His teeth are pearly white. They are razor sharp and quite scary when he is angry. His ears are, if you will, almost darker than his body, and the insides are colored black as well.

He has a  soft, salmony tongue. It has a few dark black speckles on it near the back, if you look close enough when he yawns of bares his teeth!

His feet are also black. So his his tail tip.

He has strong, muscular shoulders, but is still a very thin, lithe cat. He has sleek fur.


TC Backup site- http/

TC backup 2:


Chestnutkit - Chestnutpaw - Chestnutglow

Small, yet sturdy for a kit, this litle tom is dappled with an orange, reddish mane and soft white tabby stripes. His eyes are a sweet, smoky blue, and his tail has a creamy white end. His toe tips and underbelly are also cream white. His ears have small red tufts on them, and he could melt the toughest warriors' heart with those blue eyes.

Chestnutkit is very shy yet has so many questions he finds it hard to keep them all contained in his small body. He can be very wimpy sometimes and it takes a lot for him to open up to a cat and actually talk to them.


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