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22 years old
New Hampshire
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When life gives you lemons make grape juice and let life wonder how the F**k you did it
Fireclan-as feirce as our name
Pokémon World Settlers
Welcome to the Clans...
Alex Murphy
You booze you lose!

About Me

Storm: born to the lonr named leaf she has black fur and icy blue eyes, a cat named deathstar tried to give her to fireclan but she ran away (for anyone that knew stromstar: she's a reincarnation of stormstar) |Fireclanm, Warrior|

Aurora: a former spy for the lners and rouges who passes off in thunderclan as a former loner named glowheart, blue-gray with white tail-tip ear-tips and a white cirlce around one eye, has purple eyes, also has a cast which wraps around her right eye, purposely got exiled from thunderclan. |Aurora's Army, Leader|

Leaf: loner, mates with night, gray she-cat with luminescent green eyes, from across the sea. |Twilight Rose, Second in Comand|

Bravesoul(formaly tinyworth): adoptive daughter of foxtail, was born blind but was cured by foxtail. deaf in one ear. has sworn revenge on her former mentor stoneheart |??, ??|

Aeternam: black tom with white tabby markings |Loner|

Darksky -Dark blue-gray tom, mute, and comunicate using various signalls with his tail and ears |Chainclan, Warrior|

Blazefeather - Orange tom with balck tabby marks and icy blue eyes |Fireclan, Deputy|

Moonstorm - gray she-cat with deep blue eyes |Fireclan, Medicine cat|

Shadowheart - Black she-cat with amber eyes, partly responsible for the death of Fireclan's first leader stormstar |Fireclan, Sort-of Warrior|

Eagle that steals shadow - A brown she-cat with a white underbelly that stas at he rmuzzle and ends at her tail tip with two marks on the far side of each eye. She was bron in a itter of two. originally named Eagle that catches mouse. She snuck out with her brother, Shadow that blocks light, to explore but her brother was stolen by an eagle. and their mother blamed Eagle. and since then has been known as Eagle that steals shadow. |Tribe of Rushing Water, Lowest Ranking Member|

Fallingleaf - Brown tom with tortiseshell markings |Cavrenclan, Warrior|

Flightstorm - Beautiful tortiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes |Cavrenclan, Warrior|

Petalwhisker: White she-cat with cream flecks the resemble falling petals, has one green eye and one blue |Thunderclan, Warrior|

Eternitykit: Brown she-kit with a darker faded brown on he rbacka nd ear tips, has white markings on her face and white spots on her back with three white rings on her tail Has forest green eyes, also known to cut herself with he rown claws and to be a little insane, in a bad way.Also has a vertical scar on her face that starson her forehead and ends on her chest |Thunderclan, Kit|

Accident: Blue-gray she-cat with three wide blakc rings on he rtail black paws and black eye markings |Thunderclan, Wants to be a Medicine Cat|

Sweep: Strongly built golden brown tabby tom with a lage bushy tail and a white tail-tip, has ambe reyes, also carries arong a small brown pouch on his shoulder, |Loner|

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9:20 PM on October 21, 2011 
Thats a lot of characters ^^' May I suggest taking or giving away a few?
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