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in my own little world:)
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name: kruso

gender: male

 looks: just like kacia but darker and he has one blue eye and one silver(he is blind in this eye) ~he is kacia's older brother//////personality: he usually keeps to himself but when he knows the people around him he is a calm.hes not much for talking but his exspressions make up for words. he can be nice and caring about his pack .  and he has a nice personality. but when he is angered his nice personality and calmness seem to vanish and he is deadly, out of control and will snap at you in a heart beat... but luckily he dosnt get mad easily, only if you hurt his little sister,his friends, or his pack.

girlfriend- Isabella

pups: has a soft spot for them but dosnt have any


looks:a black, gray and light gray male with dark blue tail and he has luminous teal / turquoise eyes.and he has metal rings he wears on his hind his human form he has black hair, the same eye color and always has a jacket with a hood on. he has a black tatoo on his left cheek , it is the number 69 from something in his resent  past. this tatoo is not visible in his wolf form, because of his dark fur//////// 15

personality: he is usually quiet and dosnt talk much, and keeps to him other words he is like a miniature kruso (when kruso didnt talk and wasnt really social)...he likes to play and meet other people but his bad past makes him non trusting of others. but dont let his quiet behavior fool you, he can be feirce in battle. his nice, fun and hyper personality comes out when he is around soaren. shayde and soaren can have a conversation by thaught.


power: if he steps into the darkness he seemingly disapears and is very hard to find, only the very lucky, or talented could find him among the shadows. but thats just one or his talents and not his power. his true power is if he bites you(in either forms) he can poison you. the bite marks turn black and all acording to how much he gave you, you can die or have sever pain


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Reply Hazel-Rose
12:53 PM on October 4, 2011 
Reply Azazella
6:19 PM on September 5, 2011 
Hello *looks around*
Reply Azazella
12:36 PM on September 4, 2011 
Reply Azazella
8:41 PM on September 2, 2011 
Reply Kacia and Essence
5:06 PM on August 7, 2011 
essence:"you know....i have an idea. why dont we let shayde have a run for his money...and we can stand on the side lines and make sure he does fine...we can step in if we need to"
Reply Kacia and Essence
4:52 PM on August 7, 2011 
(and okie dokie)
Reply Kacia and Essence
4:51 PM on August 7, 2011 
essence: she glared at him, her purple eyes deadly"why dont we just ambush them when they come?"she had always been better at planning attacks than curse, but he was always the stronger one. surly if they could figure out how to work together they could kill many
Reply Kacia and Essence
4:43 PM on August 7, 2011 
ess: she turned to see shadow behind her, hiden.she didnt bother to even attempt to keep her voice casual"yes...together" the words felt odd..she had always done things her self and alone and she always faught with curse. but they desided to work together this time
Reply Kacia and Essence
4:33 PM on August 7, 2011 
ess: pads in looking for her cousin, her exspression showed her anger
*thinks and runs off *lets go to the park*she calls over her shoulder*
*sits next to him and nibbles his ear playfuly, her tail wagging as well*
*stays on the ground and rolls onto her belly, pawing at his muzzle*hey that's mine!*she giggles*
*giggles and pushes him off. she gets into a fighting stance, but her tail and the smile on her face told him that she was playing*
*runs in and tackles shayde to the ground* hia slim! *smiles as her tail wags*
Reply Angel
12:32 AM on July 19, 2011 
wow that sucks. Like a lot. And XD you should drink more milk, not just with your cereal.
Reply Angel
10:43 PM on July 17, 2011 
*cringes* oh jeez. Like, ow. It hurts just thinking about it. Don't you drink your milk? XD sorry, should laugh cuz that sounds like it really hurt.
Reply Angel
8:39 PM on July 17, 2011 
You broke your arm twice in one week?!?!?! How the hell did you do that?!?!?! And I'm alright thanks.
Reply Phoenix & Thanatos
11:13 PM on July 14, 2011 
(shut the fuck up you douche bag! no body likes you and i havent even touched lumina scince we takled...geez just go to hell, you phycotic mother fucker...damn! and thers a reason i sent you a message first, but you could have at least wrote a massage back insted of posting were others could see you bastard!!)
Reply Lumina, Nova & Halica
11:09 PM on July 14, 2011 
(lol, ok...but he hasnt bothered me for a long time since you 'talked ' to and besides i can take care of my self, mr. over protective!!!:P )
Reply Angel
10:06 PM on July 14, 2011