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Illusion is a loner with an agressive personality. He prefers to keep to himself and will rarely ever show himself to others. Despite this, Illusion has a deep love for his younger sister, Cecile, whom is an exellent healer and has a kind heart.


Anime Boy Black Hair Sword Green_Trees_see_you_by_ScreamingWol.png Anime Wolf Demon

Name: Illusion

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Description:Wolf - Illusion has black fur with a grey underbelly and a grey sock on his left front leg. He has pointy ears and especially large canines. Illusion has bright green eyes. His eyes are the only features that do not blend in with shadows. He has a thick bushy tail and he wears a golden amulet hidden in his fur.

                      Human - Illusion has straight shoulder-length hair that stays straight no matter what. He has icy blue eyes that can change from a deep sapphire colour when he gets too worked up or emotional, which is rare. He has a pale complexation and a tall, masculine figure.

Personality: agressive, short-tempered, self-centered.

Others: Illusion is faster and stronger than any creature. He specializes in hunting and battle. Illusion tends to avoid fights because if he is not careful, he may go into a killing spree, killing not only his enemy, but his allies as well. He absolutely loves his sister, Cecile and cannot refuse her.

Name: Cecile

Gender: Female

Age: unknown

Description: Wolf - Cecile has silver fur and is reletively small although she can change her size at will. She has bright jewel blue eyes that have a small mixture of indigo in it. She has four white paws, chest and underbelly.She has a golden bangle around her right front leg.

                        Human - Cecile has short silver hair and green eyes. She has a small, slim figure and a pale complexation.

Personality: sweet, kind, outgoing, loving, extremely smart

Others: Cecile is a healer and has a broad knowledge on herbs and healing techniques. She can tell the temperature of a individual with a single touch and can tell if and what a disease one has with a single glance.


Illusion and Cecile are from an ancient pack that is well-known for each individual's special ability. Each member of the pack is long-lived and has a single ability that they specialize in with great extent. For example Cecile specializes in healing whilst Illusion specializes in battle and can not be beaten in a battle.

However, Illusion and Cecile were more stronger than the rest of the pack and soon became targets of the pack's enemies. The two siblings were forced to leave to ensure their pack's safety. They keep to themselves and do not wish to attract attention.

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