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Look down, look up, look behind you. Do you see me :)?
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Heeey! I'm Flicker. I'm really cheerful and bubbly werewolf." width="128" height="139" />

In my wolf form, I can appear as a cute, small, fox-like, or I can actually look wolfy. In both forms, I always have ginger fur. In my smaller form, I have a long, bushy tail with a white tip. My smaller form also has slanted, narrow eyes. In my larger form, I am lean and still a little small. I also have a red tipped tail.


I have two human forms as well. A ten year old form, and a seventeen year old form. I prefer the ten year old one cause it's cuter ♥

My ten year old form has short ginger hair, like my wolf form. My seventeen year old form has longer and lighter hair, but both forms have reddish orangish eyes.

Anyways, I'm a loner, even though I like the company of others, I really like living and fending for myself. Also, don't get me pissed off, cause you'll be living in hell. I'm a best friend but also the worst enemy ♥

By the way, I love apples. GIMME APPLES!!!!!

Name: Flicker

Gender: female

Species: werewolf

Stat: loner

Crush: none, but even if I did, I wouldn't tell you ♥

Born: unknown. I'm an orphan.

Likes: APPLES! APPLES! APPLES! APPLES! Nice people. Making friends. Making people laugh. Cute fluffy animals. A challange. Did I mention apples?

Dislikes: Mean people who don't give me APPLES!!! (note to readers: if there are anymore mentions on apples, ignore it) Bullies. Fights. Rumors.

About Sakura (my other character):

anime angel and wolf

Name: Sakura

Gender: female

Species: wolf angel

Pack: Fire Light

Rank: Assassin

Crush: no~~one ♥

Description (wolf): pure white fur that gleames in bright lights. Soft, sometimes icy, blue eyes that will change to the colour purple if she gets emotional.

Description (human): golden-white hair that's curly and falls just past her small shoulders. Is very slim and a bit on the skinny side. Has a healthy glow in her skin and soft eyes that will turn icy when angry and purple when emotional.

Personality: most of the time, Sakura is quiet and distant and hard to communicate with. She has a hard time socializing, which was possibly caused by the fact that she has been alone for all her life and spent her childhood in fear and depression. Due to her past, Sakura has become a strong and close to undefeatable fighter. She is both skilled in fighting in both her forms and can fight best in the air, which is her dominated territory. Sakura is also very smart and is good at figuring people out.

Likes: most of her interests are unknown. She makes it clear, however that she prefers to be in a quiet and peaceful place. She loves reading and (even though most do not know this) she loves playing the flute.

Dislikes: like her interests, her dislikes are also mostly unknown. Sakura doesn't usually hate many things, but one of the things she hates most is loosing her temper and people that annoy her.

Interesting traits/facts of Sakura: Sakura has photographic memory. This allows her with the ability to look at something and being able to commit it into memory and still remember is for as long as she needs. She is also unnaturally strong ever since she was young and has benn building that strength to today.

Oh, one more thing, this is the site I made -->

Pwease join!

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Reply Lo and others
7:46 PM on February 21, 2011 
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Reply Lo and others
11:35 PM on January 20, 2011 
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Reply Olivia (Sarah)
4:57 PM on January 18, 2011 
Inbox me your e-mail right now plz flick I'm beggin you! If u want to know why check Eva's profile!!!
Reply Benji
1:53 AM on January 17, 2011 
"It's a pleasure to meet you too" smiles and nods his head
Reply Benji
8:51 PM on January 16, 2011 
Hey Flicker, I'm Benji
Reply Rain
5:45 AM on January 14, 2011 
^_^ Hey! Thanks!
Reply Olivia (Sarah)
1:51 PM on January 13, 2011 
Your-welcome! :P
Reply Olivia (Sarah)
10:13 AM on January 11, 2011 
Ya. Literaly!! LOL.
Reply Olivia (Sarah)
12:55 PM on January 10, 2011 
you got that right about when girls get jealous its war.. LOL our parents wonder why "we turned bad"
Reply ♥ вℓυє ♥ & Others
6:58 AM on January 9, 2011 
Hello, =) *Gives an apple* Yay apples! Sooo gooooood....
Reply Lo and others
11:38 AM on January 7, 2011 
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Reply Krystal
11:22 PM on January 6, 2011 
Hey Flicker! Welcome to the site.
Reply Olivia (Sarah)
4:47 PM on January 6, 2011 
Welcome. LOL. I'm cheerful too! LOL *And I like to giggle, so you'll notice lot's of LOL's* :)
Reply Apollo
2:21 PM on January 6, 2011 
Hello Flicker. I'm Apollo*smiles*
Reply Evangeline
9:45 PM on January 5, 2011 
Hey! Are you Vinnie? Sorry if your not lol.