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My name is Ryan Night. I am half vampire/ half soul eater. I have short-ish black hair, and red eyes. I LOOK 19 but my real age, is older..way older. I am in love with Setsan,or was. She was murdered, ever since then i dont care if i die or live. I can rip a soul from its owners body and see if its good or evil. I can compel people by looking into there eyes. My parents used to torture me when i was little to make me evil. But all it did was give me anger issues.

Derek & Zach

Zack is a blond haired blue eyed vampire/shapeshifter. He is inlove with Kate, a wolf shifter. He fears hurting her cause he was in love once and then he was turned into a vampire and the bloodlust was too strong and i bit her, she died of blood loss. Derek is a brown haired brown eyed vampire/shapeshifter. Me and my brother used to work for hades, we were forced to be slaves and do killings for him.


Warrick is Ryans best friend, he loves Ami alot. They have a sun named ceaden, he has the power to take other powers away.


Rebekah is a witch/dragon rider, she has blond hair with purple streaks and dark purple eyes. She spent 1,000 years being tortured by hades, the god of the underworld. She doesnt trust ANYONE cause of something that happened. She can play the piana so beautifully its almost magic but she doesnt play often.  She has a bow and arrow, they have black feathers on them. She cant miss, its nearly impossible. She has a very slight english accent. She has scars on her lips, legs, arms, neck, stomach and back.She is kinda punk-ish. she has a black snake that can change size. 


a huge black dragon dragon. Its scales shon in the sun like diamonds. It was very big and tall. It had spikes that ran down its spine. Its claws were extremely sharp, like its teeth.  His rider is Rebekah

The Black Prince

Very little is known about me. I travel through darkness, accompanied by my bear. Know one has seen what i look like in many decades cause i hide in the shadows with my hooded cloak. My eyes are white and glow from the darkness of my cloak, they are white for a reason that you shall never know.I have many names, the keeper of darkness, death, the black prince, and the grim reaper. My past is very cruel, it started... Ha! You thought i was gonna tell you about my past! As if.


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Reply Angel
1:02 PM on June 6, 2012 
Reply Angel
1:43 PM on June 3, 2012 
Really? Crud. Is your site loading?
Reply Angel
1:21 PM on June 3, 2012 
Bella? Are you ever gunna come back on my site? I'm just asking so I know whether or not I need to keep checking, doesn't really matter too much to me either way...
I still don't get what a Char is...
Lol, it's all good. It works. :D
Reply Amaury & Cossette & Donovynn & Z'ev
1:59 AM on June 1, 2012 
Sorry i didnt reply... it wouldnt let me post anything for a whole day
Heyy I'm trying to post something on the forums that we are rping in, but it won't let me. So, I'll just have to either send them separately through message or just one. I don't know yet. -_- I'm a little mad that It won't work.
Reply Amaury & Cossette & Donovynn & Z'ev
2:13 AM on May 30, 2012 
Reply September Quality & Phoenix Flame-Flyer
12:43 AM on April 18, 2012 
If it's a boyfriend then yes.
Reply September Quality & Phoenix Flame-Flyer
12:43 AM on April 18, 2012 
What's a char???
Reply Riversoul
11:39 AM on April 9, 2012 
RiverSoul looked back at Ryan as she sighed once more. "I know, but you can't always be there to save the ones you love, no matter how fast you run, you won't always make it in time, but it's worth a try. So don't drown yourself in sorrow, when they would want you to live happily and to continue protecting others, or something you were really good at." She flopped down on her side, because it was bothersome to sit up with a swollen belly.
Reply Riversoul
11:30 PM on April 8, 2012 
RiverSoul sighed softly as she looked up at the velvety sky, sprinkled with stars. "Let me tell you something my mother always said to me.....'you can't always save everyone. Yet you must being willing to try and protect the ones you can and know you could possible save.' So, Ryan. You can't save everyone or bring them back. I've tried. I've always put everyone before me, but i had lost my whole pack when i was younger. So you must place the past behind you and im never telling you to forget, but to live as they wanted you to keep living." RiverSoul smiled softly at him as another tear fell and she shifted to a more comfortable postion.
Reply Riversoul
9:11 AM on April 8, 2012 
RiverSoul's heart lurched as her belly tightened. "Oh my! I'm very sorry Ryan." She rushed to his side to give him motherly love and care. Her bulge of a stomach settled on the ground as she nuzzled against him. "Feel free to take some time from the pack. We aren't in any danger for the time being." Setsan had been her healering in the pack, now she had to rely on her power to heal the packs wounds. Maybe she'll have Caeden learn different herbs as Setsan had done. RiverSoul sighed a sad sigh as she bent her head low, a tear escaping from her closed eyes.
Reply Riversoul
12:48 PM on April 7, 2012 
River lifted her head as soon as the beer reached her nose. She walked slowly over to where she had found Ryan. "Great Alphas'! What's the matter with you?" Her blue eyes widened as she took in his appearance. Her stomach was bulging slightly with life as she perked her ears forward and looked at him.
Reply Azazella
6:47 PM on April 1, 2012 
Reply Jace & others
11:21 PM on March 27, 2012 
thank you very much
Reply Kixx & Ziehre & Kree
2:52 AM on March 26, 2012 
yuppp...made me pretty happy
Reply Kixx & Ziehre & Kree
2:39 AM on March 26, 2012 
yea...the good thing was that i had vinigar and didnt have to pee on it XD
Reply Kixx & Ziehre & Kree
2:27 AM on March 26, 2012 
yea, i guess, but they really hurt
Reply Kixx & Ziehre & Kree
2:21 AM on March 26, 2012 
not really, but i find jellyfish