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"Hades , You sure know how to decorate"

[  This is  a small section of the underworld. Specifically a more private part that close affiliate's of the Deity come to hang in. Even the guardian of the underworld needs time to rest and relax.  Guiding souls to the next life isn't all fun and games. ]


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A nice black, charcol tail made a flopping sound. She soon rose her hand up and it landed on a rock. Steam arose from this and if she were human, she would've been burnt to a crisp. The girl soon rose up, perfect, shimmering, white hair covered her face. She soon sat down on the rock and shook her head. Magma flying off and making a sizzling sound if it either touched more rocks, or it either just went back in with more magma. 

Blaze pulled the white hair out of her eyes and astonishing jewl like red eyes shimmered. She soon sighed and made sure she took whatever left of magma out of her hair. If it did stay in her hair, it'd be cooler and then it'd stay and make black bloches in her hair. Blaze then rubbed her eyebrows and put her hand on her arm. 

She snickered a bit at how cool she felt. She knows that if she came into anyones arm grasp, she wouldn't have been let free of for a while. She then huffed then soon went back into the magma, swimming around in it calmly as she then arose on a different rock. Though she seemed to be looking for something. She hopped back off and down. 

After a few times of this, she finally found what she were looking for... well something at least. Blaze took a spear like tool and grinned as she soon peeked around the rock, her clothes. Right there! Blaze then basically seel walked over towards her clothes and pulled them. After she took them, she seel walked all the way back to where the rock were. She then quickly wiped the magma off of her and allowed her fluke to basically... split apart and into two! 

Blaze flicked her hair behind her shoulder as she then changed into her regular attire and put her hair up into a high ponytail, though this didn't stop her hair from hitting the ground. Blaze huffed a bit as she soon got up but fumbled and almost fell to the ground. Blaze then shook her head and used her spear to keep her balance up. 

Blaze then finally started to walk, though she soon got the hang of it and stopped using her spear to keep her stable. "How long has it been since I walked?" She asked herself while snickering a bit. She then twirled the spear like tool though leaned up on it as she glanced around. 

She then yawned and shook her head. "There's nothing to do..." She said and shook her head even more. She soon rubbed her eyes to get some magma from going into her eyes. She then took the spear like tool out of the ground. 

Blaze then sighed as she then sat down. She pulled out a rag which seemed to be slightly dirty and she shook her head. She then started to polish her weapon and smiled a bit. Though the smile faded as she were too careless and made a cut on herself. She then blew her bangs out of her right eye but got them more in her eyes. "..." Blaze then sucked on her finger as she then moved the bang out of her face like a normal person would. 

Blaze then went back to polishing the weapon more carefully, so that she wouldn't cause more damage on herself. Blaze though kept her posture up straight. Even though she looked as if she weren't paying any attention to her surroundings, she was being highly cautious. 

Blaze blinked as she noticed something as if a hell hound came out of the molten magma. "Oh Flu-" Her happy excited face went to '._.' within three seconds. She then sighed as she then jabbed the weapon right square in it's face. She heard a slight yelp but then dug her spear out of it. She then didn't see it come back up again. 

Blaze rolled her eyes as she then flicked some of the blood off of the spear. Though she cleaned it once more. She sighed again as she polished her weapon once more, looking careless. Which caused her to wince once more. Blaze then went to sucking on one of her fingers as she polished the weapon once more.

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    Scales made a slight scraping noise as he slid over the stone floor in the molten chamber. His long  body weaved around the rocks on the floor like he was running through a maze. Everything was extremly bright to him. The variations in the heat was like a brilliantly painted picture to his eyes.  To the normal human eye they would see the room in browns , blacks ,and reds, But with his infrared vision he saw in colors between and around those, even some that the human eye could not precieve.

     As he rounded a corner he almost slid into a puddle of molten lava, his tail skimmed over the surface lightly and his whole body jerked and he put more of his attention into his surroundings. The cave was humid but in a delightful way , like a warm fluffy blanket that you couldn't  cover enough of yourself in. 

    It was a routine visit, Hades was a friend that he delighted in seeing. He could give input that others couldn't and he was very insightful on matters. It made Viper wary sometimes , Hades was ancient and knew more tricks than he would in a life time. He trusted him with his life, after all , one day his life would eventually be hades'.

    The underworld seemed to drain others , emotionally ,mentally , and physically. But to him , it was like a second home. The Heat kept him warm and was delightful to his infrared. If he didn't care for staying in one place for a long time, he would live in the underworld. Though sometimes he could care less for it.  Blaze, of course was already here. From the looks of it ,she had already killed a hell hound. He almost felt sorry for it. .... Almost.

He slithered up a rock and coiled on the surface.  There was an itching sensation , it traveled up his back and then disappeared.  He had shifted to human form and sat in a reclined position against the rock.

" I see you've claimed your first victim already." His voice held a disinterested tone and he didn't let any revealing expression cross his face.


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     The underworld  is in a lack of better words, Personal.  He thought that after having made, ruled , and lived in the place so long that he would become bored and disinterested in the extreme terrain. But instead it had become almost personifed, he grew angry at those who defiled it's name or tresspassed unto it's boundaries. Occasionally , being once in a century, he would allow select few to see the some of the secrets his domain held. 

     It was of course hard to find good company. Most mortals believed in silly concepts such as good and evil. They always tried to tip the scale towards good, but they never realize they are but pawns in the games of the gods.  There are many players in this game. Zeus makes Heroes. And he ? Well he made tragedies. 

    He walked slowly through the corridors. He could feel the thrum of energy coming out of the depths of his realm and bounce off the walls of his cavern home. It was a delicious sense.  Of course the energy also signaled the presence of mortals in his home. He closed his eyes and breathed deep, he sensed there were two , somewhere need his more "private" rooms.

   His smirked. It wasn't visible due to his unique mask. The skull masked all his expressions and it provided him with more than just cover. He let his smirk drop as he walked into the magma pool room. For some reason , his newest little mortal could read his moods. It was interesting and amusing yet still slightly disturbing. It seemed that the other mortal was here as well, the female one.  

      He sighed . Oh yes, females. The one downfall of all humankind. But of course Hera insisted as well as the other more feminine gods. After all the gods didn't have genders until after the human race was created. Then they picked which ever they thought they fit in with. 

        He watched Viper with slight interest. Watching a shifter change always put him in a ponderous mood. He didn't hesitate as he sat down next to viper and wrapped one arm around him. He watched the female to see if she would show any trace of jealousy. Of course if she could only see his smirk she probably would as the human expression goes. "blow a fuse."




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[You bring the ropes and chains. I'll bring the pills and games]

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Blaze yawned a bit as she then shook her head. "Well, you weren't here last time when one came up to me." She said as she shook her head a bit. She then soon finished with her polishing of the spear and put it down. Blaze then blinked as she watched a three headed beast come out of the lava. Two of them shot this mean as life look towards her. But she wasn't paying attention to those ones. Instead, her eyes were on the middle head of it. 

Blaze then finally noticed the three headed beast walk over calmly then lie down. Blaze calmly and ever so lightly petted the dog on the head. But her eyes trailed to the side once hearing a rumble of... jealousy? Blaze blinked once looking at the other heads of the dogs and she tilted her head slightly. "And what may bring up this?" She cooed in a rather taunting way. 

Blaze then shook her head again and lightly petted the ther two dogs, though she had to time herself due to if she didn't, the dogs would've gotten more rumbles of jealousy. Blaze then stretched and glanced back once more. She did know that the god has came but she didn't know on how they were positioned. 

Blaze quirked a brow as she then rolled her eyes. "Would you rather I left?" She asked while yawning. "I don't want to intrude on such an... intimate moment." She said while stopping with the petting of the cerberus. Blaze heard a slight rumble from the dog and she huffed and blew the bang out of her eyes. 

Blaze then got up and stretched. "Meh, I'll go anyways~" She said as she then waved towards the two and picked up her spear. She then walked off calmly to go back to the normal world. She was rather.. hungry. 

(>~< IM SORRY FOR THE SHORTNESS ;w; And~ I was braindead >.<)

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