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Darastrixi Peak

The ancient language of dragons and elves has lived on for years; vaecaesin xanalre as it is called. Throughout years this language has faded out just to bring suffering and pain to the world as vaecaesin xanalre was the language of peace. Only one or two humans know of it, some not even humans at all! Only the oldest dragons will know it, and form the words properly.

Only one human knows the vaecaesin xanalre language. 

This is Dragons Peak; her territory. She was found by dragons as a child, and tought vaecaesin xanalre by the elders. She has become a dragon rider over the years, and many dragons have come here to heal or live with her help.

They call her Dragon Warrior.


Dragons Peak (transalated into Darastrixi Peak from vaecaesin xanalre language) is a territory owned by the Dragon Warrior. No one knows her full name, no one even knows a hint of her real name, just Dragon Warrior. 

Dragons Peak is a lush area that is grass with spread out trees, surrounded by hills. The sky is almost happy and sunny every day, and there is never a dull moment here. At the end of the field is a drop that is over 500 meters, pitch blackness surrounds it. Only dragons can see here, and so can the Dragon Warrior if the dragon lets her see through its vision. On the edge of the cliffs are rock, which have caves for the homes of dragons; but some just prefer the grasses.

There is also a large lake, and a wide river goes in a horseshoe shape around the back of the field.

This sprays of water into the pitch blackness- making many waterfalls come to life. 


This is Darastrixi Peak.


This is Blue's Song

These are Blue's colours:





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