Howard Farms

The Story of the Horse Statue


    Whenever folks travel by the farm or stop in for berries in the summer, questions always rise about the horse statue out front. Howard Farms was a nationally renowned Quarter Horse breeding operation for 40 years. The farm became the home of AQHA Champion Eternal Sun in 1966, when Harold Howard and a neighbor went to the B. F. Phillips sale in Texas in search of a good stallion and a few good mares to breed him to. He returned with Eternal Sun and four mares. In just a few short years the Howard herd expanded to over 200 head. People traveled from all over the country and Canada to seek his genetics.

   Eternal Sun was a well-known horse when he moved to Michigan. In addition to being an AQHA Champion he was rated AAA on the race track, the highest possible rating. In 1968 he was the fourth leading producer of Halter Champions in the nation. Before Eternal Sun's death he produced 33 AQHA Champions. Almost of all the horses born, trained and sold off the farm carried the Eternal Sun bloodline, which is why all the colts had such outstanding characteristics and disposition. The stallion fleet over the years also included the highly acclaimed, Story Man, Eternal Fistfull, and A Star In Time.

   The ownership of Eternal Sun was the pivotal start of an unforgettable journey for Harold and Darlene Howard and their family. Travel, national recognition, stellar offspring and many memories stem from his presence at Howard Farms. Eternal Sun has been gone several years now, but is buried next to his replica statue in the front yard. Next to it is a rock with a plaque that reads, "Here lies the horse that changed my life."