How 2 Be A Ninja

How 2 Be A Ninja
Increasing The World's Ninja Population, One Ninja At A Time
So You Want to Be A Ninja?

Well, duh. Of course you do! I mean who doesn't? Besides, why else would you be here. It's not like you have anything better to do.

You can call me Usagi-sensei. I will be your ninja master this evening (or day or afternoon or whatever). I'm here to teach you the basics of being a ninja. You know, how to throw shuriken, the best way to disguise yourself, how to set traps for un-expecting victims, the whole 9 yards!

For those of you with questions, please visit the FAQ. If your question has not already been answered, then feel free to post it. And, remember to check back weekly (mostly on Friday nights and all of Saturday) for more information.

So, if you feel you're ready for your ninja training, then by all means, continue. If not...just leave now knowing that the hit you have added to the site is much appreciated. ^_^


~ Usagi-sensei


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