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   Is Your House Haunted?   Need an Investigation?

HPRT is once again accepting Investigation requests. To schedule an investigation please navigate to our Investigation Request page and fill out the appropriate fields. We are a non profit organization and our services are FREE of charge. To understand our policies and how we prep for an investigation please navigate to our investigation prep page. If you are wanting to contact us for reasons other than booking an investigation please navigate to our contact form.

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We have created the HPRT application for ghost hunters in and around the great state of Texas. Our app includes over a hundred haunted locations from all different regions in the state. The app also features info about the HPRT team, EVPs, pictures, videos and much more. The app also has a section that hosts the 6 most recent HPRT podcasts, Apparition Radio. Go to the Google Play store and search HPRT. Just click on an icon below to check it out!          


         Wanna go on a ghost hunt?  Looking for people  to investigate with?

 Due to the fact of so many people being captivated by the field of the paranormal and wanting to join ghost hunting teams, HPRT has made the Ghost Hunter Directory. It is a list of folks interested in meeting others who have the same passion and drive, to go find paranormal groups or start new ones. Just scroll to our navigation column, on the right and click on the Ghost Hunter Directory page to leave your information.





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                Strange News Links


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