House of Game kennels

I am a small hobby kennel located in Mississippi . I have been raising apbts since 1998 . The apbt to me is a very noble breed  there is nothing they will not do to make there owner pleased wether it be hunting or weight pull  or just fetching they give one hundred and ten percent.  Thats  more than I can say for most breeds. I am not in it for the money  that would be foolish I breed  for the betterment of the breed. I raise game dogs mainly  and that is what I breed for intelegnce and gameness. I run the redboy/jocko eli/carver  or eli/corvino some reddevil / hemphill and  a little watchdog stuff .I keep most of the dogs I breed at least half between myself and relatives the other half I let go to the public to help with cost.I reserve the right to refuse anyone this breed is not for every one .I would preferably like to see them go to working or hunting homes If you would like to  look around  feel free THANKS H.O.G kennels

no dogs bred or sold for illegal purposes in accordance with the animal cruelty act of 1976 don't waist my time or yours if thats your intentions.     all accounts on my site are to be considerd fictional           

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