House Of Andromeda; Est. 1992

"Punk For The GODS... children"

The Legendary House of Andromeda History Page.


Andromeda Flag(07)    Founder Gentry (92)  Father Blake-2013 (95)

Mission Statement:


            The mission of the House of Andromeda is to provide positive and healthy role models for young adults, by setting great examples. With an inference on family and education, we strive to be the mentors for many young adult regardless of sexual orientation.  Our members are pursuing their educational endeavors at one of many colleges throughout the country. Aside from educational goals, house members work as teachers, serving in the military, volunteering, and attending the ball scene.     


House of Andromeda was founded by Father Gentry Andromeda, December of 1992, in Chicago. One day, while sitting around with other house fathers already established in Chicago, Gentry Andromeda brain stormed as to what to call his new house. Finally, he decided on the current house name of ANDROMEDA; naming it after our galaxy and a forgotten African Princess. Princess Andromeda was forbidden to rule her kingdom because of her gender. Subsequently, she was forced to fight for her rightful place along side other great kings of the land. Being new to the House and Ball Scene in 1992, House of Andromeda was forced to endure the same turbulence to fit into the newly forming Mid-west Ball Scene. Aside from the above reasons for our name, Andromeda was selected because it was different from other house names on the scene and it was not named after a designer or a fragrance.    


Andromeda was very new to the scene and so was the Midwest Ball scene in 1992. We had to deal with a lot of issues including: figuring out the rules of being a house, which organizations to trust, and how to keep our members loyal on track in a city full of other already established houses.     


Starting with a hand full of house members, and being inspired by many stories from many ball scene legends from New York like: Kevin Omni, Willie Ninja, Peppa La Beija, Angie Extrava, Avis Pendavis, and many othersChicagos' chapter of Andromeda took her place alone side Chicagos' very own: House Of Enigma, House of E'lan (Now Ultra Omni Chicago), House of Zandella (Closed), House of Avant-Garde, House of Charles, House of Ebony, and House of Odin.  Andromeda along with the other houses listed above were the first houses in the Midwest. Our houses became the pioneering forces behind the Ball scene in Chicago and the Midwest.  


On July, 30, 1995, Mother Simone Andromeda sponsored the first Andromeda ball called, "Madness for the Gods Ball" in Chicago, and it was an everlasting event. Soon after, we hosted our second ball called “Thunder Zone” in 1996; in celebration of one of our member’s parent, Larry Manning, who’s mother was 98 years old.



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The House of Andromeda symbol is the Lion. Our house colors(5) are: Royal Blue, Gray, White, Gold, and Black (All Chapters). The Flag of Andromeda was created in 2007.





              Andromeda Family


          Wall of Fame Members


Founder Father Gentry Andromeda. (Vogue Performance/Old Way/Designer). 

Mother Blake Andromeda. (Vogue Performance/Runway).

Simone Andromeda. (BQUID), Minn.

David Andromeda. (Vogue Performance). 

Derrick Andromeda. (BQUID)

Kiera Funtang Andromeda. (BQUID)

Kevis Andromeda (BQUID).

Lamont Andromeda.

Steve Andromeda (Realness).

Carlton Andromeda (Old-way/New-way).

Erania Stone Andromeda (BQUID).

James Andromeda (Face). 

Julius Andromeda (Vogue Performance).

Mitchell Andromeda (Runway-Denver).

Gerald Andromeda (Vogue Performance-Denver).


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