WORLDBRIDGER'S mission is to facilitate the bridging of global mental health systems. PLEASE DONATE AT OUR BLOG PAGE.

Please join us once again at the Yakima Conference Center on October 16th, 2018 for our updated transformation workshop.

Worldbridgers recognized as the prime mover at the Washington State Legislature in the funding acquisition for clubhouse expansion across the state of Washington.

Please join us for our peer workforce development, state hospital reform, advocacy and transformation workshop on October 16th, 2017 at The Yakima Convention Center.

Founder Clifford Thurston won the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by the Washington State Department of Health and Social Services on October 4th, 2016 at the Yakima Convention Center at Yakima, Washington.

Worldbridgers identified as a key stakeholder in making state hospital  recommendations regarding implementation of ESSB6656 providing the basis for Governor Jay Inslee's 2017--2019 biennial budget for Washington State"s Behavioral System.

On Tuesday October 4th, 2016 @ 9:45AM at the Yakima Convention Center join us for our workforce development, advocacy and transformation workshop.

Recognized advocate in the 2016 Washington State Legislative session for the acquisition of 1.6 million dollars for statewide Peer Bridger programs.

Continue statewide peer support systems legislative advocacy & transformation workshops though 2016 advocating for state hospital reform.

WORLDBRIDGERS recognized as an advocate in 2015 Washington State Legislative session for the acquisition of 50 million dollars for capital improvements to Washington's state hospitals. 

On Tuesday October 13th, 2015 at the Yakima Convention Center Worldbridgers will once again join forces with Recovery Innovations for a workshop "Experience the Transition' doing a global overview of peer support systems transformation.

On Monday October 6th, 2014 at the Yakima Convention Center Worldbridgers once again joined forces with Recovery Innovations for a workshop "Peer Workforce Expansion" doing a global overview of peer support programs around the world.

Founder Clifford Thurston is subcommittee Co-Chair serving  a Washington State Senate Task Force through 2015.

This coming September 16th, 2013 we will be teaming up with our friends Recovery Innovations for a workshop "Peers Building the Health Care Reform Bridge" at the 28th Co-occurring Conference at Yakima and joining us is the Office of US Senator Patty Murray.

Our 2013 Washington State Redesign Initiative will refit buildings at Western & Eastern State Hospitals to support peer support services. Project is consistent with the Governor's 2013--2023 Capital Budget Plan.

On Tuesday October 4th, 2011 at the Co-Occurring Disorders Interagency Advisory Committee Conference "Maintaining Quality During Times of Transition & Reform" at Yakima Convention Center Worldbridgers will conduct a workshop "Quality Transition, Reform & Peer Work force Expansion".

Our Four Seasons Fall Roundtable Meeting is set for November 22nd, 2010. Worldbridgers Washington State Transformation Initiative updates is our focus for this roundtable meeting featuring award-winning writer Robert B. Whitaker. Robert will join us fresh off his Eugene, OR. reform presentation before returning to his home in Cambridge, MA.

On Wednesday October 7th, 2009 in honor World Mental Mental Health Day that falls on October 10; Worldbridgers will hold the first of a Four Seasons Series Rountable Meetings at Western State Hospital in the CEO Conference Room from 10:00AM to Noon. The purpose of this series is to futher the global synchronization of consumer run mental health systems. Our featured guest is Ed Knight; ValueOptions Vice-President of Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Mutual Support. Ed is a very well respected leader of the consumer/survivor movement and for his work infusing consumer run programs into managed care environments. Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire is invited.

On Tuesday September 29th, 2009 at the Co-Occurring Disorders Interagency Advisory Committee Conference at Yakima Convention Center Worldbridgers will conduct a workshop on the implementation of Substitute House Bill 2654 "Strategies for Development of Consumer Run & Family Run Community Mental Health Services".

On September 30, 2008 at the Co-Occurring Disorders Conference held at the Yakima Convention Center
Executive Director; Clifford Thurston won the 2008 CODIAC
(Co-Occurring Disorders Interagency Advisory Committee) 
Exemplary Advocate Award for outstanding leadership and contributions.

WORLDBRIDGER'S Director Clifford Thurston  presented our evaluation of the Transformation Project at the Washington Behavorial Healthcare Conference this past June 12, 2008 at Yakima. His presentation
reflected the evolution of the New Century Empowerment Project from conducting a regional Needs Assessment to evaluating statewide Block Grant Proposals.

On January 14th, 2008 our Consumer-run Service Bill HB1022 was reintroduced into the Washington State Legislature at Olympia. Click on and click on Bill Information on the left hand side of page then enter 1022 to view.

On July 18th and 19th, 2007 New Century conducted a Needs Assessment and Roundtable Discussion at Highline West-Seattle Community Mental Health Center at their Burien Campus.

On Monday April 16, 2007 the Washington Institute for Mental Illness Training awarded $5,000.00 to the New Century Empowerment Project. This funding comes from the University of Washington via Washington State's  Mental Health Transformation Project.

New Century  will conduct a workshop entitled "Transformation in Action" on Thursday June 14th, 2007 at the Washington Community Mental Health Council's Annual Conference to be held in Yakima at the Yakima Convention Center. Confernece runs from June 13th to 15th.

On December 18th, 2006 the Consumer-run Service bill was prefilled at the Washington State legislature and is now known as HB1022 in the House of Representatives for 2007-2008.

Two exciting new developments for October 2006. 1) On the 18th the Washington State Code Revisor's Office releases the Senate Companion Bill to our (Consumer-run Service Act) House Bill for the 2007 Legislative Session. 2) On the 17th the New Century Empowerment Project proposal was forwarded to the Governor's Office for consideration to the Governor's 2007 Budget.

CHANGE:Our next regular meeting will be held on Saturday September 16th, 2006 at the Three Rivers Convention Center; Kennewick, WA.

On Tuesday August 8th, 2006 Clifford Thurston was elected Vice-Chair at the very first meeting of the new Adult Consumer Subcommittee of  Washington State's Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council giving us a stronger voice for Consumer run services.

On Friday July 14th, 2006 the future unfolds with the Grand Opening of The Infinity Center a Consumer-run Drop In Center at Western State Hospital; Steilacoom, Washington.

On Tuesday June 27, 2006 New Century at the King County Recovery Initiative Committee Meeting was recognized by the King County Regional Support Network as being "Five years ahead of everybody".

On April 20th, 2006 New Century joined Governor Gregoire's "Community Transformation Partnership" further establishing our position as Washington's statewide consumer organization.

Dan Fisher, Executive Director of The National Empowerment Center has accepted our invitation to speak at this years 2006 CODIAC (Co-Occuring Disorders Interagency Advisory Committee); Washington State Department of Social and Health Services) Conference to be held at the Yakima Convention Center on September 18th and 19th. Dan's recovery and work in the field were recognized by his selection as a member of the White House Commission on Mental Health. To learn more about the National Empowerment Center please click on:

WORLDBGRIDGERS formerly New Century Consumer Coalition is a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation that offers information and technical assistance on consumer-run mental health programs across the state of Washington that includes:
     1) Legislative and Systems Advocacy.
     2) Statewide peer workforce project development.
     3) Provide and facilitate conference training. 4) Research, data collection, and information dissemination.
     5) Community needs assessments.    6) Identifying and applying best practices on consumer/peer programs.



 On Thursday June 23rd, 2005 at the Washington Behavioral Healthcare Conference held in Yakima, Washington, New Century; Director Clifford Thurston was Awarded The ORCA Award (Outreach, Recovery, and Consumer Advocacy) by the Office of Consumer Affairs; Mental Health Division; State of Washington.

The next meeting of the Joint Legislative Executive Task Force on Mental Health Services and Financing to be announced. Click on for more Task Force information