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My name is Gracie.  I'm an Ibizan Hound.  Actually, my "official" name is Mystickal Moonbeam Grace, but that would be a bit much for most people - Gracie is far easier.  I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan with my human parents and my "sister," a Greyhound named Jeanie.  When I first came here, there were two other Greyhounds, Hope and Zantz, but as it turns out, they were both older and sick.  I had loads of fun with them while they were here, though!  Jeanie is a barrel of laughs, too!  We run around the backyard together every chance we can.  Actually, I should say whenever she is up for it.  You see, I'm still awfully young.  I'm only a little over a year old.  Jeanie, however, is on the far end of puppyhood - she's almost 9 years old.  I have tons of energy, but she tires out a little quicker than I do. 

I'm originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania.  Interesting, considering my other Greyhound sister's name was Hope.  But I digress.....I'm originally from New Hope.  My breeder's name is Ed Kimble.  He's a really nice man!  He and his partner, Eric, took great care of me until my parents drove out from Michigan to take me home.  I missed my other family a lot that first night!  It was hard for me, but it didn't take long for me to figure out how great my new family was going to be.

Anyhow, enough about me.  I'm beautiful as you'll soon see, and I'm quite smart (how many dogs do YOU know that know how to type and that have designed their own webpage?) and that's really all anyone needs to know.  Unless, of course, you're considering adding an Ibizan Hound to your family - if you are, then you need to know a lot more, but I just haven't the time to list all of my breed's endearing quirks and traits here.  A good, reputable breeder will happily provide you with that information.  The Ibizan Hound Club of the United States is also a great source of information (I'll have a link to their website on my "links" page).

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