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Over 35+ years of Private Honolulu Tutoring Experience

Looking for an Oahu Tutor? Gail Hawkins has over 35+ years of tutoring experience to provide for your child's educational success.

Tutoring On Oahu
 Educational Testing
  • Individual Private Tutorials
  • Small Group Tutorials
  • Dyslexia Remediation
  • 9-session Beginning-To-Read Tutorials for Kindergarten age children
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    Specializing in:

    Math Kindergarten to  Grade 6
    English Kindergarten to High School
    Reading Kindergarten to Adult        

    Writing  Grade l to Grade

  • 9-session Beginning to Read tutorials for Kindergarten students

  • Home Schooling Honolulu Private Tutoring Consultations

  • About Gail Hawkins

    Gail Hawkins is a private tutor with over 35+ years of professional tutoring experience. A tutor should be a stepping stone,  not a  long-term commitment. Children are given the skills they need to be released from tutorials as soon as possible. Parents are taught the strategies that work for their child's learning style.  All sessions are individualized to address the child's specific needs and goals.

  • E lawe i ke a'o a malama, a e 'oi mau ka na'auao  "He who takes his teachings & applies them increases his knowledge." Hawaiian proverb from Olelo No'eau

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