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The Brave Old Pioneers

The Brave Old Pioneers. A History of the Hodgetts Family In Australia

The Hodgetts name first appeared in Australia in 1790 and descendants were to be pioneers of Sydney, Norfolk Is, Tasmania, Portland and Far North Queensland.

Convict Thomas Hodgetts & his wife Harriet, who was one of the first free women to come to Australia, survived the notorious Second Fleet to become respectable citizens and pioneers in a strange and challenging land. Their descendants married into other pioneering families and continued to spread throughout Australia and other places. This book records the many thousands of descendants of Thomas and Harriet and presents their life stories and images where known. Other Hodgetts families have also reached Australia over the centuries and they are also covered in this book.

Questions. Was the convict Thomas Hodgetts actually innocent after all? Who was the bushranger Samuel Hodgetts hanged at Hobart in 1825? James Keating fathered the first white child born in Northern Tasmania but why was he hanged soon after? Which descendant was nominated for 8 Victoria Crosses & received America’s Silver Star & the Military Medal?

Pioneer Families. The Hodgetts name is connected to other early families in Australia and many of their histories are also presented along with their images. Lucas, Keating, Miller, Summers, Wadley, Saltmarsh, Graham, Anderson, Rose, Cox, Brumby, Lawson, Allen, Sydes, Arnold, and Fagan are just some of the major families represented in the book.. Many more thousand are included.


The Brave Old Pioneers 2004

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