Positive living holds different meanings including questioning and resisting society’s norms, having a positive outlook on life, being an individual, treating people with respect and dignity, and taking action to make the world a better place.

In Limbo

The story of raging blues unfolds
These words are the angry man's song
Cult leaders feasting with deadbeats
Tables turn all day long

Subsisting in the world ingrained in lies
Sheeps follow the guidance, morons ready to fight
Goons in Nike track suits selling dope kids with no hope
No expectations, we sink or float

Come rain or come shine

Can't stand this darkness, world set to flames
Hardly make ends meet, living day by day

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, thoughts once concealed 
Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on, focus, clean and sweep

What went wrong
World set to flames

As reality slips away we're starting to lose our grip
Keep wondering what went wrong, it gets worse every day

Mind Edge

Let us contest this new reality

The ideals we did not create

The truth of those who manipulate

With our fears and dare to deny


Let us transform - the standards they cannot create

Let us regain - the force they cannot evade


Let us transform and create within our own minds

Without masks, frustrations and trends

The ruins of comfort lapsed throughout the years

The oath of clear thought sets the route


Let us transform - the standards they cannot create

Let us regain - the force they cannot evade


Let us transform and create within our own minds

The standards they cannot create

Let us transform and create within our own minds

The force they cannot escape evade


What do we know about compassion?

Do we really take care of people we love?

What's with the other beings we pass by every day?

Is there something more we can do?

I am sure there is!


Let us transform - the standards they cannot create

Let us regain - the force they cannot evade





Circle Of Trust

What to believe in
Whom to believe today
What to believe in
Tell me the truth
Tell me the truth

Different roads we walk
Different roads - collapse and failure you self-destructor half human being
Impulsive greed, greed for more, warning nightmares, too blind to see
Different worlds – pushing further, forcing change, under siege
Science, thoughts, inner peace, answers lie within the reach of those who try
To rule with their own lives

Impaled disgust, jackals torn among themselves
Frustration overtakes, they have to be enslaved
Maintain control, embrace the weapons by which we talk
Reshape the world, different roads we walk – different roads.

I refuse to worship your money.
I refuse to be one of a million.
I simply refuse to be inside your circle of trust.
My life has value.

Different roads we walk
Maintain control!


We are HCF,the old dayz,future dreams killaz
Driven by the anger of wide spread chaos,absolutely
See the nation's insecurity, HCF's severly reigning
Deterioration of moral values, sickness and pain

Deceived,led into chaos,proved I'm not affraid
To accept what's got to be,change,revolutionize
False ressurections,rotten image of misbeliefs
Crisis never ends,elimination of common sense
We are the modern slaves,your fear is their strenght
Hatred feeds your faith,obey the masters
Unlearn what you know,alone against the world
And there is a point where your mind and your heart break apart

Stand up,stand up,use your brains,fight the system,fight back
Set it off,set it off,use the facts,understand,mass affect
Stand up,stand up,use your brains,fight the system,fight back
Set it off,set it off,use the facts,understand,mass affect

No hope may save us now,only the knowledge,your instincts and will to survive


Schools ain't teach us shit, we know they lie

Teachers don't care about kids, they want us uneducated

It is easier to control, if you don't know how to read

Write or speak, as long as they want us to be


Stupid scum

Wasted youth

and young lives


How can we go to their schools?

Where knowledge is meaningless

Where a few ones and these are scum

Take young lives in their hands

and waste our souls

Waste our time, use our happiness

Give us nothing back

and take us to hell 

Schools ain't teach us shit, we know they lie

Teachers don't care about kids, waste has been done


We want more, we need our time

We are still young, where is our happiness

What the fuck you want from us, we kids are true

Your hearts are fucking hollow, we claim our rights back


Since I was kid,

I've been lost many times

But I wasn't beaten down

 -Nothing's lost-


Excepted defeat,

For the sake of the better person

I wasn't scared to be                

-No regrets-


I gave it all,

For the dreams, broken hopes,

There wasn't any fear                

 -It's my choice-


To be a champ,

I laid my pride,

I had to offer

- The best I've got -


For all those better days

And dreams that never fade

I know I'll be the same

With nothing left to say


We're all the same,

We forget about each other every single day

- I don't want it to fade away -                           


For all these years,

Now I'm safe to say

I shouldn't let some things             

- Go away -        


Well that's all right,

When I turn it around

I could've lost things                   

- That I'm proud of -     


To be a champ,

I'll go full speed ahead,

Take care of those things                 

- I love and hate - 


For all those better days

And the dreams that never fade

The reason I bleed today

It's the one that makes my day






Deadly Groundz

Raise and speak in my name
From the first to the last
Sufferings to suffocate
On our home front we stand up and fight
Bloody wars built walls inside of our hearts
Legions we don't need
You cannot fall, unless you're afraid of destiny

Fill your heart with strength, on deadly groundz we live
Fill your heart with strength, Tuzla blood LY

On the deadly groundz we are aware of the worst
If you cheat, be ready to pay your price
No matter what we never strike and draw first blood
My heart you wont break mothafuckar, I've seen it all


This fuckin city, this shattered realm - tear us apart
False prophets, godless prayers - tear us apart
In god we trust, flawless believers - tear us apart
Fuckin two-faced friends, spineless cowards - tear us apart

Tear us apart
Or maybe I'm just blind


Between the Lines

Seeking for the brighter moments to come

Shadows of the past hunting us down

People are the ones who are spreading lies

Desperate struggle, few are rulers of our destiny


Fictitious dreams, nothing is left to gain

Only step forward could reach salvation

Don't you ever look behind your back

The beast has grown, mouth full of sorrow


Realize motherfucker

Realize what's going on

Take your life back

Oppress the Oppressor!



Dirty cop fuck you

All cops are bastards


Sick and tired of better tomorrow
Why can't you make my better today
While people live in misery and poverty
war within itself


Upon This Nation


Intolerant bastards sow fear and discord
corruption and bribery main features of industry
It's easy to sell your soul and your dignity
Handful of charity, proven deception.

Face the truth






Hobson's Choice 

It's time for change, and that's the way I feel
And now I spit my rage
No time for me to make it up
only to except what's done is done.


After the heavy storms calm down
I'll still stand in this open fire
My choices made me who I am, for real
Pushing' me in this brutal war, called life


HC-Hobson's Choice

HC-Tuzla Hardcore

HC-Straight Edge

HC-My Choice


So many times you deceived me
That's why I turned my side
The only thing I still believe in
Me, my friends and hardcore pride


Forget the sufferings, stand on your feet, and strive hard to the positive side


Hardcore positive

Straight edge positive

Hardcore my choice

It is what I live for

Life revenge


Odd One Out

As we,stand by your side together

To confront,temptations of the now life

Test your faith,in yourself and your HCFamily

As one die for all,we all die for one                           


Stay true to yourself                         

Set your emotions free

Stay true to yourself                          

Stay true,true till fuckin' death


Holding your arm
while your spirit is gone
when will you know that
You're living in the wrong way

Respect for you friends
Having love for your family
Stay out of trouble
You're living in the wrong way

Ask for the help
We will make it together
How strong you can be
You're living in the wrong way

Let your mind
Clearly choose
What you want
You're living in the wrong way


Stay true,true to yourself  

Set your emotions free

Stay true,true to yourself  

Stay true,true till fuckin' death