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Unfortunately an inexperienced journalist by the name of Ryan Joseph, who parenthetically appears to be a fan of Chef Tye, the original “Hip-Hop Chef.” ® Recently wrote a story in first We Feast, on Mark Sutton who continues to disregard the importance of a trademarked name as well as the meticulousness that is required to build a worldwide brand.

Before we continue to throw shade, we would like to provide you with a little Hip-Hop history. Chef Tye has been in the culinary & Hip-Hop game for over twenty plus years. Cooking for industry icons such as Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Busy Bee, Tupac Shakur, Kevin Lyles, TI, the BET Hip-Hop awards, and most recently was the chef for women of Hip-Hop in New York City.

Chef Tye identified that the culinary arts would eventually garner worldwide notoriety, so while others were sleeping, he was busy grinding. Long before Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and chopped he was putting his personal spin on this notion as the first chef to dedicate his skill & talents specifically to the Hip-Hop community. Adorned in Adidas track jackets, gold rope chains, fitted baseball caps, and recipes for success, he has been dubbed as the Hip-Hop Chef since the late 80’s, trademarking the Name “Hip-Hop Chef.” ®

Loyal to the Hip-Hop culture, and various elements of Hip-Hop. Chef Tye was schooled by pioneers such as Chief Rocker Busy Bee. While also BEASTing in the kitchen, he was DJ'ing, producing beats, and writing rhymes, but is most passionate about infusing cooking with the rap music/culture, and even created his own line of Barbecue sauce. Whether it be old or new school, trap music or underground, he's been determined to break into the entertainment industry with the Hip-Hop Chef concept. Mixing up the flavor of culinary arts with Hip-Hop, Chef Tye is the originator of the Hip-Hop Chef model.

This is evident by some of his signature dishes, including Microphone Check Mac & Cheese featured on BET, Freestyle Oven Fried Chicken, and Money Hungry Collard Greens. Paul Wall was quoted in XXL Magazine, “It’s good that we have our own chef that cooks what we like to eat and represents us.”

We understand that under the first amendment people can say and or write just about anything. However, these writers should possess journalistic integrity, a dedication to the facts, and pay homage to those who have paid their dues, and paved the way. There is only one “Hip-Hop Chef” ®

and his name is Chef Tye. Many have tried to duplicate but, Chef Tye is the one who originates. A note to Ryan Joseph, the next time you WRITE an article; get it RIGHT! Nuff said, Table Set, That’s a Wrap.