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Paris Hilton. Our favorite Heiress. This website does much more then just explain what's going on in Miss. Hilton's life it gives you an inside scoop on her life and of course all the hottest pictures you will find. This website is made by people who KNOW that Paris is trying to make a star of herself. She has been making her own money since she was 18 years old and not using her parents money. She say's that she wants to be known for more then just for her last name. So look around, get to know Paris better. You can look at GREAT pictures and take a weekly poll. Find out all the latest news and a bio. on a few facts. Also please leave a message in the guestbook letting me know how you like the site or something you would add or change. Thanks and Enjoy... 

"I like to play the dumb blonde. The media and public think they know me, but they really don't. I created a funny character for the Simple Life and now people assume that's how I am in real life. But I love having the last laugh." - Paris Hilton


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