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Hillside Farm

                                    Welcome to Hillside Farm


Hillside Farm is a family owned and operational farm. We are located in Glen Mills, PA near the chester/delaware county boarder were we breed Clydesdale horses, Alpine dairy goats and Jersey cows.

1997 we purchased our first Clydesdale mare a bred mare named Ambey. Ambey foalted and after that it was love at first sight. We started showing in 2000 and have done well, we have a few broodmares and our stallion "Valley of the Kings KING TUT" who has exceeded our expetations. We have a few foals a year, But are always looking for some new Clydesdales to introduce into our show string. We strive to produce quality horses that will exceed in halter as well as cart. So please take some time and look around and if you have any questions please emails us and we will get right back to you.


                                      Our Dairy Goats

We have been breeding Alpine and Toggenburg dairy goats for 12 years we have many of the stump hollow lines as well as willow run. We breed our does in October so we have March kids. If you are looking for that next show goat please email us and we help you in your search.


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