Some Anwers to Your Shipping Questions


WE NO LONGER SHIP PUPPIES.  Even though we shipped  VERY FEW puppies, the new government regulations prevent us from shipping even one puppy.  We regret that we have to make non-shipping our new policy.  As recommended below, you might consider finding a flight on sale and that way you could personally pick up your puppy.  In some cases, this is actually less expensive than shipping costs. 




While we previously shipped puppies eight weeks and older, we now ship only under special circumstances.  Eight weeks is the earliest we release them to a new family and eight weeks is also the earliest that Delta Air Lines will accept a puppy for shipment.   


Our first and main concern is the safety and comfort of the puppy and also reducing the trauma of the experience as much as possible.  I will outline what High Pines Beagles does and the shipping costs invovled. 


To reduce the trauma, the puppy will stay with me in my kitchen for several days.  His "home/bed" will be his shipping container with all the accessories outlined below.   




Outline of Shipping Expenses for High Pines Beagles 

As mentioned above, eight weeks is the earliest we release them to a new family and eight weeks is also the earliest that Delta Air Lines will accept a puppy for shipment.   


The following is general information concerning shipping. 


This is the approximate shipping cost via cargo, but if reservations are made ahead of time and if the airlines are having a sale, you might come out a little cheaper to fly to Atlanta yourself, pick up the puppy and carry the puppy in the passenger area in an underseat carrier.  There is an additional $150 for the puppy airline reservation, plus the required health certificate from the vet.  I furnish the underseat airline carrier free of charge.  All I ask is that you ship it back to me upon completion of your trip. 


SUMMARY (Details outlines below):   


Vet Certificate            $30

Carrier                       $60

Kitty Kube                  $15

SnuggleSafe              $25

Delta Air Lines           $175 (may be more now)
Airport Delivery          $125 (If there is a direct flight from Birmingham, it will be less)


 Vet Health Certificate/Temperature Waiver   $30  Health Certificate is required by the airlines. I always get a temperature waiver. 

Carrier $60 to $65.  I purchase the medium (usually PetPorter) carrier.  This is large enough that the beagle can use this carrier when grown.  Therefore, you actually save money, as you only purchase one carrier for both shipping and for at-home use. 


Kitty Kube - $15.50  This is a fabric-covered, foam rubber "room".  I velcro this in the back of the carrier so the puppy will have a place to "hide" from all the noise at the airport.  This is his "safe" place, so he can feel secure.  I let the puppy sleep and play in it a couple of days prior to shipment.  This is his home, so he feels safe. 


Snuggle Safe - $25.00 This looks like a jello-filled frisby. It is placed in the microwave and heated.  It will retain heat for TWELVE HOURS.  I microwave this, wrap it up and put it in the bottom of the Kitty Kube.  The little puppy can go inside his kitty kube, curl up and be comfy warm.  While cargo area is now "heated", it is not temperature controlled as warm or cool as the passenger area. 


Delta Air Line - Around $250.  I use Delta because they have a pet terminal in Atlanta I drop off early morning;  A puppy must be dropped off at least two hours prior to the departure.  In addition, I obtain a temperature waiver which means that the puppy can be shipped below 35 degrees, but NOT below 20 degrees.  (So we have to watch the weather).  And that 20 degrees is applicable to both shipping city and destination city.  And it applies at the 2-hours before shipping (not at time of shipping).  I only had a concern with this one time, but we need to plan ahead and be ready to change.  The puppy can be shipped by me (paid by my cc) or may be shipped collect, in which case you may pay upon receipt.  The puppy would be picked up at CARGO (not passenger luggage). 


Airport Deliver - $125  Unless there is a DIRECT flight from Birmingham, the puppy will be transported to the Atlanta airport where there is a pet terminal.   


I do accept checks, but final payment must be be received at least a week prior to shipment.  Of course, I will provide references upon request! 


Our concern is for the well-being of our puppy.  If the carrier, kitty kube, SnuggleSafe (or any of them) are returned to HPB, then the money for those items is refunded.  But folks like these accessories and usually opt to keep them. 


The least busiest day for the air cargo terminal is mid-week, so I prefer to ship on Wednesdays.  When she sees me, one Delta cargo agent says -- oh, you're the lady that ships 'em snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug!  So I feel I must be doing it right.  

Believe it or not, it is sometimes cheaper IF YOU CAN FIND A REAL SALE ON AIRFARE, to fly down, pay extra to keep puppy under your seat than just plain shipping

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