HANK AND THE BEAGLE TREE  One of my favorite things is our Beagle Tree.  It is filled with beagle decorations and even had the BEAGLE ANGEL at the top of the tree.  When we have puppies available around Christmas, I love seeing the kids enjoy the tree.  They like to have their picture made with their new puppy in front of the Beagle Tree. 


Here is a Little Marietta, GA Lady

The DOG is the little lady!!  She has made herself right at home with her owner!! 

Isn't she a beautiful lemon/white!!

Here is Ellie in her Halloween Costume and Email from her HPB Family!! 


Note from Ellie's Family: 

Ellie has been such a good girl, she is almost house broken, she is crate trained, she has learned to come, she has learned sit, learning fetch and is learning to drop it. Of course she has also learned the word no. She is a wonderful dog, very loving and full of energy. She is also walking and running on a leash quite well. Although when we start getting away from home she starts to wine a little, however a few treats and she is back on her way for a walk around the block.


Another superb example of why we should be microchipping our beloved critters.  This is a no-brainer.  Even many county shelters now have scanning devices to insure that lost pets are not put down.  PLEASE encourage everyone you know to microchip their pets! 

This is a real situation where a computer chip traced a dog back to its owner.  Long story [hopefully short] someone stole a beagle from one of our beagle families.  Beagle turned up in south Georgia after having been attacked by a pit bull.  Before putting down, the shelter called the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue.  He was all fixed up and when family adopting him took him to vet (and spent close to $600), the vet scanned him and came up with our name and number as registered owners of the AVID chip. 
Well, the new family was devastated that, in fact, the real owner could be located.  They had fallen in love with him (now called  Dylan) and she was absolutely in tears.  But we had to let our beagle family know where their dog could be located. 
They called and talked and were so glad to know that [their] Buddy had been located.  However, they felt this lady's heartbreak over the phone.  Another concern they had was that they felt their neighbor had stolen him and took him off and would do so again. 
Relieved to know that he was still alive and all right, they told the young lady that she could keep Buddy/Dylan.  The attached pictures show that he really has a good home. 
Faye Davenport
Email from new owner of BUDDY...


I tried emailing you a couple times since we spoke a few weeks ago but it kept getting kicked back to me.  Is this going through?  I said I would send over a picture of Buddy _____ so you could see how he was.   

He is an absolutely great dog, well mannered, and so loving.  He had a rough go at first because the Heard County Shelter picked him up after being attacked by pit bulls.  They kept him in the shelter for a month but nobody adopted him.  I was really suprised by this because he's so cute and loving.  Before the shelters euthanize the dogs they call the rescue groups and lucky for us, they called Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue. 

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He has some scar tissue around his belly from the attack but other than that he's doing great.  He's scared of large trucks and just ran under my desk in my office when he heard one (I take him to work).  I'm not sure if there's any history with large trucks???  [Probably out on the streets and had to run from traffic,]

My husband and I feel so blessed to have such a great dog.  We're currently looking to adopt another dog so Dylan (he must have been renamed this by the shelter) can have someone else to play with besides just us.  It's fun running around the house and yard but I draw the line at chewing on the toys :).

I hope everything is going well.  Tell the  __________'s thanks again and he is very loved. 

Little Stryker.....

No words needed.  Beagles get along GREAT with other dogs. 


Why do I think that Levi has that "Why me, Lord!" look in his eyes!!!!

Our Little Wyoming Girl....

She just loves the SNOW!!!  I sent the message that no self-respecting SOUTHERN beagle should like the snow THAT MUCH!!!  Here she is with her "cohort in crime".    

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