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After an afternoon of serious play [showing off to some families], nothing refreshes  better than a good nap!!! 


Puppies on the way July 14, 2008

 Pix of Little pregnant Hootie (She was such a "hoot" as a puppy!!!) 

 Hard to get a picture, as she kept sticking her nose in the camera lens!!! 

Thinking of running away from home . . . 

Not under the watchful eye of Mama Maxine!!

Notice the heated puppy pad with the babies.  These are GREAT!!!!!

Protective Mama!

The Little Mama is protecting her baby.  But to tell the truth, I just can't keep my hands off!  However, the first few days, I will do my best, so Mama Beagle can relax with her new babies.  But it is HARD!!  Look at that gut on the one on his back! 

High Pines Hossbreeze Principal Male Breeding Sire

Here are some pix of Hossbreeze.  Well, it's a tough job, but some lucky beagle hound has to do it! 

Here's another shot of Hossbreeze [in front].  The handsome fellow behind him is "Hoss" [when he was born, I said, "Now THAT'S one hoss of a puppy dog."]  Hoss is a rectal colon cancer survivor.  He is now retired and sleeps in our bed. 

Our beloved Hoss (picured in back) passed away in June of 2009.  He died from kidney problems.  I miss my little man.  He was lots of company and a great bedbuddy (did not pig the bed). 

And we lost Hossbreeze ("Breezy") this summer (2013).  He had survived being attacked by coyotes and abdominal cancer--he had a growth the size of a baseball.  He was a happy boy.  Shortly before he passed, he had started "talking" to us!  Such a joy.  He was a principle breeding male and he left the world some beautiful puppies to enjoy.  He is truly missed. 



Recent Beagle Puppies

Here is a pix of a couple of puppies from a recent litter.  Note how slick and pretty they are!   [Or is that just BeagleMama talking?!?!?!]

Beagle Puppies Chowing Down

The first chow they get is usually hilarious!!  They are not quite sure what it is but it smells good!  Then they get a taste and start getting serious about eating -- growling at each other AND at us!  These guy are actually pretty neat.  They usually walk through their grub and they need a bath, which their mama usually takes care of!   

One relaxed beagle puppy

We try not to stress our puppies out when they have "company".  It looks like little Punkin here has succeeded in overcoming her stress.


Beagle Puppy and his very own yard

Here is Scout on his first day with his new family.  And here he is checking out the yard at super-beagle-speed.  This is what is meant when you say, "Ears flying in the breeze!!"



Litter of Beagle Puppies

This particular litter had both tri-color and lemon/white puppies.  Their little stomachs must be full, because they are all sound asleep!! 

Our Philadelphia Beagle with a new buddy (January of 2012)

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