HPB Beagle Families


This great family came all the way from up Nauwth!! to get their two High Pines Beagle babies (one lemon and one tri). 

They flew in and came to personally pick their puppies up.  I have under-the seat carriers to provide to families who fly in to pick up their puppies. 

What a great home those puppies have!!

Fun on the Slide

Nothing like having your VERY OWN playmate on the playground!!! 

The little fella in line is not quite so enthusiastic!! as his sister, who just loves going down the slide!  Lil' sister will ride on their back down the slide.  Very adventurous! 


Handsome Big Apple Beagles

Here are my "New York Guys!! "

They [obviously] reside in New York, though with different families. 

They meet at the "dog park" (as a matter of fact, this was the FIRST time I ever heard the words "dog park").  The big city life seems to agree with these two easy-going beagles.  


Such a Face!

Bet you can't say, NO! to that face.  This young lady now resides in Wyoming!!  And she loves the snow!!  (I asked family to pass on the message that no self-respecting southern beagle should love snow THAT MUCH!! )

Supervising people is really Hard Work!  Just wears you out.

Supervising mama on the computer is just exhausting!  But I wonder just how much his mama got done on the computer!!! 

Words from new family:  Here is just a little on how badly he is going to be spoiled.  Nancy just sent me a picture of how she has to work on the computer now.

THIS is what it is all about.  A boy and his beagle!!!

This little fella is enjoying his new friend, COLT, a High Pines Beagles puppy.


Hunter sleeping ssooo soundly! 

Relaxing is a beagle speciality!! http://members6.freewebs.com/player.swf?file=24736913&pv=1.0&prem=t&page=http%3A//www.freewebs.com/highpinesbeagles/&r=0.5556733925264106&ext=.flv

New baby asleep

Note from Dave: 

I have got to tell you, I am the happiest man alive!!! We are inseparable...day and night!! She's asleep at my feet as I write this. You must hear this so much you become numb to it, but I'm dead serious...God has given me back the gift of happiness thru this little angel!! So much has happened in the last six months. Insane things...once in a life time things...but THIS!!!!
She's so perfect, just any name will NOT do. We're actually getting bogged down in the search!! One will surface soon, I'm sure of it! In the mean time, she's so happy it hurts! Every day is an adventure....she's met our Hawk (not a pet, but an every day visitor...BOY am I careful!!!), she's met the fish....some almost three feet long!! The cat...the cat doesn't know what to make of her....I even think she LIKES her!! THAT would be a first. She's met her cousins and has a BLAST chasing them around the kitchen table! She even had already learned her "peepee" spot in the front yard. She pees and darts for the back door..."It's too COLD!!"
In short, she has not whined one second and is SO happy it brings tears to my eyes!! She LOVES the big truck too!
There IS one big problem though.....she sleeps too late!!! That Baby sleeps ON MY FACE!!! I hate to admit it, but we actually got up at NOON today!! She's the best bed buddy imaginable. We wake up, snuggle, yawn, and go back to sleep looking in each others eyes.
Fay...I'm in heaven. I believe she feels she is too. We've had our first shower together and we even chased a cockroach today!! Hehehehehe!! I can NEVER thank you enough. Never. I'll send a batch of pictures when I can. God bless the three of you...Tinkerbell included!!

Pictures from HPB Family at one year old

Bandit must have been a good boy.  Just look at what Santa brought him!! 

Talullah at one year of age.

We hear from our HPB families all the time.  This is a lemon/white female on her first birthday! 


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Notes from High Pines Beagle Family

Hello, Faye:
I thought I would drop a line about Dodger.  It is almost one year since he came to live with us in Oregon.  He is doing just great.  He has an amazing hunting call.  Whenever we take him to the dog park he chase the big dogs and lets out that amazing hunting call.  The whole park stops and stares because it is so shocking.
My little boy just adores Dodger.  The first thing he says every morning is "Where is Dodger, Mommy?"   Dodger loves sleeping with my older son until midnight then he finds his way to my husband and my bed where he sleeps until 6 am when I take him out.  He is great fun.  We love tossing his favorite toy for him to chase.  Although, we haven't broken him of chewing toys, socks and anything else he can get. 
As you can see we all love Dodger.  You picked the right Dog for us, Thank you.
I hope you and your family have not been impact negatively by Hurricane Katrina.  I have been working with some of the surviviors who are trying to re-establish themselves here in Oregon. 
We wish you the best.  Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


I just finally remembered to try again to find your website. I love it! You've got some beautiful babies, but I have to tell anyone else looking that I'm really sorry, but Danny and I got the absolute best, cutest, and LOVING-EST one ever for all time, almost 3 years ago now. I haven't had a chance to read every word yet, but really liked the part where you tell about how you take care of the newborns, and the nutrition, etc. We just don't know how you manage with all those puppies. . . . Mary

Another Nice Note-they adopted two pups

Thought we'd update you on the girls.  They went to the vet on Friday.  He said they were fine dogs.  Amanda (Freckles' daughter) weighed 7.2 pounds and Matilda weighed 6.4 pounds.  They both love going outside and playing in the grass.  Sometimes I just leave the door open and they come in and out, in and out. 
They've really adjusted well to "city life."  The first two nights, we kept the kennel in our room, then the thrid night, we put it just outside our room, and now they are in the laundry room.  We keep them in there while we are at work.  They have plenty of room to wander around in there, and the kennel is there when they want to sleep.
The housebreaking is going along quite well.  Amanda has gotten very good at letting us know when she has to go.  She'll either sit at the door or go scratch on it.  Matilda, since she is a little younger, is not quite as far along.  Sometimes, she still has what are probably avoidable accidents.  She just hasn't gotten the hang of letting us know yet. 
They are getting along very well.  They play, nip, bark and bay at each other a lot.  They also like to play with the same toy at the same time.  Remember the rabbits we brought with us?  One of them has already gone bye-bye, and the other is just a disembodied head and a torso.  Guess they'd make good rabbit dogs!!! HA!  Anyway, they are beginning to sound like beagles.  They started baying at each other yesterday.  It is so cute.
Hope the other puppies are doing well.  I guess they'll be ready to go in about 4 weeks or so.  I won't keep you.  Just wanted to send you an update.  We'll send some pictures soon.


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