Probably the Oldest Evening Cricket League in the World


Wednesday 15th May 6:30pm

Addison / Atkinson Round 1

A             Pateley Bridge                  v              Studley Royal A  

                      Pateley Bridge 129-7, Studley Royal A 130-3


B             Markington                        v              Harrogate 

                                Markington 65, Harrogate 68-0


C             Birstwith A                        v              Burnt Yates A

                          Birstwith A 220-7, Burnt Yates A 139


D             Scarcroft                           v              Goldsborough A  

                              Scarcroft 122-9, Goldsborough A 109-9


E              Knaresborough A             v              Knaresborough Forest A         

                  Knaresborough A 109-7, Knaresborough Forest A 113-6


F              Follifoot                            v              Scotton  

                           Follifoot 237-1, Scotton 143-6


G             Whixley                            v              North Stainley A

                         Whixley 165-4, North Stainley A 151-5


H             Burnt Yates B                   v              Dacre Banks

                   Burnt Yates B 181-1, Dacre Banks 128-8


Losers of above ties go into CB Atkinson Cup Round 1 (Any team conceding a fixture is withdrawn from all cup competions)


Wednesday 5th June 6:30pm

Atkinson Cup Round 2    

M               Dacre Banks                          v              Knaresborough A

N              Burnt Yates A                         v              North Stainley A

                 (To be played at North Stainley due to fixture clash)

O             Goldsborough A                      v              Markington 

                 (To be played at Markington due to fixture clash)

P             Scotton                                  v              Pateley Bridge   



Wednesday 26th June 6:30pm

Atkinson Semi Final          

T             Winners O            v              Winners P           

U            Winners M             v              Winners N            



Atkinson Final    

Monday 15th July 6:15pm           

AT ????? CC       

Winners T            v              Winners U