Northeastern North Carolina
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Immigration/Naturalization/Citizenship Records DC Superior Court & Circuit Court of District of Columbia, Washington:
Declarations of Intent ~ Immigration 1839 - 1863
Declarations of Intent - Immigration 1863 - 1864
4-22-1852 John Kane Citizenship Circuit Court, DC
4-23-1852 DC Superior Court Minutes
24th & 25th of April,1852 DC Superior Court Minutes
DC Superior Ct Naturalization Minutes 9-16-1854
Superior Court DC 9-16-1854 Minutes
12-27-1856 12-27-1856 DC Superior Court Minutes
DC Superior Court Minutes pg 2: 12-27-1856
12-27-1856 pg 3: DC Superior Court Minutes
12-1-1858 DC Court Minutes
12-2-1858 DC Court Minutes pg 2
5-26-1860 DC Court Minutes Intent to Naturalize
5-26-1860 DC Court Minutes Naturalization
5-26-1860 Dc Court Minutes Naturalization
5-26-1860 DC Superior Ct Naturalizations
June 3, 1864 DC Court Citizenship of John Quill, William Ready & Martin McQuire
May 26, 1868 Thomas Quill & Morris Dillion ~ Citizenship USA
May 27, 1868 Dennis Quill & Michael W. Leahy ~ Citizenship USA
Timothy Quill & James Virden ~ USA Citizenship
May 19, 1869 John McHugo & Dennis Quill Citizenship USA
May 28, 1870 John Prindible & John Kane Citizenship USA
April 18th & 19th 1871 DC Superior Court: Charles Williams & Thomas Quill Citizenship USA
August 16th & 18th 1898 DC Superior Ct: Elmer Allpress & Thomas Kane Citizenship USA
Casey & Margaret M. Kane Citizenship USA September 25th & 26th 1900 ~ US Superior Court, Washington, DC
December 19th & 20th, 1902 ~ USA Supreme Court Washington, DC Citizenship record of John J. Kane & Michael Donan(?)

A tale begun in other days, when summer suns were glowing ~
A simple chime that served to time the rhythm of our rowing ~

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