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ABCs of Teen's Making Money, A Seminar for Parents

  • Teens spend $150 Billion/yr. 1
  • Student credit card debt average is $2,200. 2
  • Student loan debt $540+ Billion 3
  • Under 25 age group is the fastest growing group filing for bankruptcy 4
  • Advertisers spend $15 Billion per year to reach your kid 5
  • Only 7 States require teens to study Personal Finance in school. 6
1. National Strategy for Financial Literacy, 2006
2. Nellie Mae, 2004
3. Student Debt Alert 12/07/2008
4. Senate Committee on Banking, 2002
5. “Deeper Reading” Kelly Gallagher, 2004
6. National Council on Economic Education, 2007

There is no-charge for this hour-long seminar for parents of teens, who would like to participate in ways of creating a motivation for your teen to make and save money. Also, as part of this seminar, you will receive a complementary copy of The ABCs of Making Money for Teens, 3 EASY STEPS TO FREEDOM, which cost $20.00 on Join one of the seminars being held at churches and civic centers through out the Coachella Valley. Additionally, we are available to meet with your teen one-on-one or with a small group of teens, who are interesting in applying the material in the book. For more information or to sign-up, please call Albert Boykin at (877) 777-2437 or send an email response to:

Couples's Communication

 Couple Communication I & II


Are you needing a day long workshop that can change that way you communicate? Couple's Communication is designed to practice specific skills which are the essessence of good communication. Only when we expect others to read our minds with out understanding what they are saying are we going to have endless conflicts. Practice this discipline and you will find a new freedom. One couple actually had the skills etched in the entry way of their home!


Partners learn 11 interpersonal skills for effective talking and listening, plus processes for better decision making, conflict resolution, and anger management. Whether gained through marriage preparation, enrichment, or counseling, these skills and processes help you build a more satisfying, collaborative relationship. Collaboration is the highest form of human relationship. In marriage, this involves a strong man and a strong woman who can bridge to each other, committing to a mutually fulfilling, vital partnership across a lifetime together. COUPLE COMMUNICATION I and II give you the tools to develop a collaborative marriage. These two educational programs, in which you and your partner participate together, help you enjoy each other more, increase intimacy, reduce tensions, and resolve your differences. Sign up today for the next workshop.


Time for a Better Marriage

American Guidance Services has provided some essencial practices that will lead to a more satisfying marital relationships. This is a six week program and gives you a chance to meet and learn from other couples and well as them learning from your relationship as you apply the materials.

Please Understand Me

This is a seminar on our temperaments. Without this knowledge we are most likely going to react to a person who does something different than us. The four main differences are Thinker/Feelier, Judger/Preceiver, Introvert/Extrovert, and Sensor/Intutive. They say that opposits attract. This is true and some time similar personalities attract and these bring their own sets of problems.

Parent Effectiveness Training

Adolescents like to be respected just as much as an adult. The goal is to give them more and more responsiblity so that by eighteen years of age they are ready to be fully responsible. It is very easy to get stuck any where along the way. The answer is not to let your kids run free nor to order them around with an iron fist. They must learn to solve their own problems. It is amazing and a relief to the parent to learn different ways relate to your child. In some ways, the child has more abilities than we give them credit for, so listening is critical to help draw out their understanding and at the same time listening helps them feel understood. This in itself can have a large impact on their behavior an decsions. Join in with a parenting group that can help you develop a win-win strategy with your growing adolescent. This workshop is most effective for ages 12 to 18.

Couple Finances

The leading cause of divorce, in most marriages, is financial. Privately meet with a counselor or in small groups with other couples, to work on this controversial issue. Ask about the no-cost financial assessment.

Domestic Violence Couples--non-court mandated

If you find yourselves unable to discuss issues without become extremely or physically out of control and you are not under a court madate for therapy, our therapy for couples may be just for you. This is structured after the collaborative therapy model, so it would include, seminars, men's therapy and women's therapy groups and one-on-one counseling. These services can be held in many locations, based on demand, but currently it is being offered in the West Covina Area. Please call ACS for questions and reservations.

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