Help for Life's Journey

Group Therapy

In many cases individual therapy can enhanced by group therapy. There are many kinds of groups, but the main groups, which are going to lend to the collaborative effect are going to be Men's Therapy Groups, Women's Therapy Groups, Adolescent Therapy Groups and Child Therapy Groups. Many therapists are starting to add these modalities to their practice because it allows for the group member's to learn and relearn the important truths about life and relationships. Just remember it only takes two clients to start a group and your request to your therapist to include you with another client with similar issues can be the start of another modality that can enhance your individual therapy and reduce the over all costs of therapy.

Specialized Therapy

Certified Sex Therapist

A sex therapist comes into play when you have had your condition ruled out by a physician and when you have sought out individual therapy to rule out emotional issues. There are other resources, which can help you self-identify your main issues (see the Web Resources Chapter). If you don't find resolution with your issues after screening out as many issues as you can, you may need the services of a Certified Sex Therapist. This therapist was trained under Masters and Johnson of Tulane University. Please call the office schedule an appointment.

Certified Hypnotherapy

Sometimes there are issues, which can never be resolved through traditional talk therapy. One of the problems that cause this is the issues one is dealing with is so traumatic to the conscious mind, that we don't want to face the issues and our denial system is so strong that we will not allow ourselves to deal with the simplicity of the solutions, which can be only worked out in a hynotic state. One must be careful that one does not go to any reported hypnotherapist, because this is very serious work and the power of it can not be underestimate. Some feel they are not hypnotizable, but this judgement should be reserved for the trained professional. If it turns out that there is some unconscience process that it not ready to be worked on this will be quickly determined through idio-motor signaling. Call the office to see if your issue can be treated by this modality.

Post Accident Therapy

If you or a loved one has been a victim of an auto accident, and the emotional symptoms are not going away, you may be eligble for treatment under you auto policy. Please check with the office to find out.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

If you have been drug positive in the work place and your employment falls under Title 40 of the Department of Transportation, you will need the services of an SAP.

Online & Telephone Counseling

Under certain circumstances, online and telephone counseling can be an important option. ACS provides this service as an adjunct to in-office therapy. We do require that one or more sessions be conducted in the office and then if it appears appropriate, the online and/or telephone counseling can utilized.

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