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The following Testimonies are actually results of individuals, couples and families who have had professional counseling through the services of Associated Counseling Services (ACS). These results are not a guarantee for anyone seeking therapy, even for a similar issue. Results may vary and any specific outcome can not be guarteed. ACS will provide the best possible therapeutic service it can provide and where necessary will provide referrals into the community for no or low-cost service when the need arrives.

Didn't Have to Solve Problem

"I was very angry at my boss. I came into counseling and the therapist did not even have me talk about my problems. Instead, he taught me some techniques on how to deal with stress and it was so effective, when I came back for the next session, we briefly talked about what the circumstance were and it was clear that was not necessary: I had over come the issue within myself."

State of Californina Surveor

Change of Career

"My family wanted me to become an engineer. I had finished my first year in an engineering program at Rutgers. While I was at home, I worked on what I really wanted to do. In eight weeks, I made the decision I really wanted to become an interior designer. I am so at peace with myself, and my family actually was ok with my decision."

Former Engineering Student

Over Ten Years

"Both my parents were alchoholic. My mom died from her alcohol abuse when I was 18 years old. I went deeply into drugs; anything a person could drink, snort or inject, I did. Twenty years later I met the love of my life and we had a son. But she left and I was so distraught I could only think of homicide and suicide. I smoked my last joint when I entered therapy with a counselor at ACS. For weeks I was very close to checking myself into a local psychiatric hospital. To add to this my x-wife went through one relationship after another for over five years. However, time after time I would return to therapy just to keep my head on straight. Even though it has been ten years, and we not gotten back together, we have been able to be cooperative with the raising of our son. I am so thanful that the ACS counselor was there for me. I even went on to get a masters in counseling and now I am helping others as a school counselor."

Former Real Estate Agent & Bar Tender


It was the Hormones

"I came into counseling because I was becoming very emotional over what I thought was my husband's poor business decsions. Years ago he was arrested and was on probation for a separate issue. Then he took over my parents business and he worked 14 hours a day and was not making money. The couselor suggesed that I go to the physician and have my hormones checked, and that I ask about the use of natural hormones, if they are needed. I did and came back for a couple more sessions of therapy. As it turned out my husband's failures were not my problem; it was my hormones. Had the counselor not been alert to this, I would have been going to counseling for medically based problem. It was important to me that the counselor at ACS was looking at the bigger picture."

Controller for Public Utility Company

Least Likely to Succeed

"We came into counseling because my wife and I just did not see eye-to-eye. She is a thinker, I am a feeler, she is a judger I am a preceiver, she is an introvert, I am and extrovert. Our relationships was about to break up and when we hit 40 years of age my wife became pregnant. Now we had a reason to stay together, but we just hated each other and felt that neither of us were able to appreciate the other. Add onto this a back problem that I had developed and all the pain medication I was taking and the fact that I could not hold down a steady job, I became a very sickly "Mr. Mom". About this time we went to a counselor at ACS. Our previous psychologist had died. This counselor helped hold our family together for over five years. He also helped us through a serious accusation from her government employer. Ultimately, my wife prevailed and received her job back and I was able to work through my grief and loss issues. I ended up getting my Masters in Marriage, Family Therapy. I am almost through with my interning. The ACS counselor became a part of our family and a compass to guide us through the rocks off life. With out this help we would not have succeeded. Thank you ACS."

Former Delivery Man

Just like Clock Work

"Our eight year old son was wetting the bed. Part of the problem was that we had to work a lot and it seemed to be part of his insecurities. I am happy to report that the counselor helped my son identify a date in which he would have a "dry bed". It was put on the calendar and just like clock work, my son was able to overcome this problem without shame and blame."

Elementary Age Boy

Never Thought Possible

"I called ACS because I was having a compulsive sexuality problem. I loved my wife and she was beautiful, smart, had a great career job and gave me two incredible children. However, it all blew up in my face when my wife found about one of the affairs. What she did not know is that this was only one in a string. I know all this came from my childhood and having, myself been molested by a family member. All I can say is that I had no hope until I started working with a counselor froom ACS. It has been six months and I have turned my life around and I also no longer smoke marijuana every night. I would have never thought this turn around was possible."

Business Executive

Faith and Medicine Reconciled

"I am in computer sales and very good at what I do. My religious faith looked down on medications, so I started cutting back on my Lithium. With this change I started having a flight of ideas and sexual thoughts. Thanks to the Counselor at ACS, I was able to see that my faith and my medicaton were not mutually exclusive. I was able to get back to what my psychiatrist was recommending and I know it saved me from a rash of back actions which could have taken place."

Computer Sales Person

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