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We at Associated Counseling Services (ACS) would like to welcome you to our website. We hope that you will find the help you need for life's journey. Whether this help is for yourself, your partner, your child or another family member, ACS strives to match you with the most appropriate therapist. This is why we do not have a secretary answer the phone, but rather a licensed professional will take your call and help assess your level of need to attempt to help you find a match with a the service, which is going to meet your need and your budget, whether or not it is with our counseling center.



Albert Boykin, LCSW, LMFT

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Collaborative Therapy

The concept of collaborative therapy embodies the idea of several modalities of therapy being mutually reinforcing. Picture a triangle with thought, feeling and behavior being at each point. Now draw a double-arrow between each of the points. What you have is collaborative therapy, each one working in concert with each other to help reinforce the positive learning in dealing with part of the journey we are on, currently. The thought is derived from the seminars and workshops, which provide a base of knowledge for the individual to learn from and draw on. The feeling is the one-on-one therapy, which allows the individual to customize the information they are learning in the seminars and workshops. The behavior is the group therapy where the individual can apply both personal leaning and can synthesize the seminar and workshop material into a working model for daily functioning. Together, along with many sources of input, the person is able to achieve a supportive emotional and social environment, which allows the individual to achieve the age-old saying, "There is victory among many counselors." Moreover, there is another important factor and that is cost. Even though Collaborative Therapy significantly lowers the cost of therapy, it can be seen as being overall more effective in helping individuals, couples and families to make more lasting and significant changes that may not be reachable with one-on-one, couples or family therapy alone.

If you think about it, the amazing thing is that we are doing so well with such little amount of guidance on practical living. Most lessons in life are caught not taught, and unfortunately, depending on where we are in our stage of life we may catch more than we are bargaining for and the way we process those events in life are going to determine our application. We would not think of allowing a person who has never had formal training, no matter how brilliant they are, to perform surgery or take control of a company's IT department. However, when we enter into relationships with others, be they marriage, family or employment, we are often thrown into the task ill prepared. Unfortunately, we are being asked to be an adult and at the same time make up for our childhood deficits. So, learning to be patient with each other and be willing to know that our partner or family member is willing to learn, can be enough to forge a new way of dealing with stress and the difference in the way others conduct their lives. Our hope is to provide you with some of the tools to make this success in your relationships possible.

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