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*Trade Status: CLOSED : Unless, of course, you've got something crazy for me*

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Welcome to my DVD trade page.  I have large Metallica and Slayer DVD collections, and one of the biggest Biohazard DVD collections on the web.  Please check my 'Wants' List if you're interested in initiating a trade.  To view details of the shows I've filmed (100+), click on the 'My Masters' link at the top of this page.  Have a look and keep it Metal.  DOWN FOR LIFE!!!

Upcoming Shows to Film (No guarantee)

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Nov 30, 2013: Slayer - Lowell, MA                                                          

Check out METAL DEVASTATION to meet some excellent traders, and get some great vines!! 


E-mail me @ : ncm7772@yahoo.com

Or, PM me at:

http://www.metpage.org                                                                                                                                                                                                     http://http://z12.invisionfree.com/Metal_Devastation/index.php?act=idx                                                                    

My user name is Hellawaits77 at both of 'em.


I DO NOT SELL SHOWS OR MAKE ANY PROFIT FROM THIS HOBBY!.  I collect and film for the love of live music, and nothing else.  Please do not ask to buy something from me.  If any band(s) or band representative would like any recordings removed, please contact me, and I will do so immediately.