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Chain Maille and Wire Jewelry


First of all, let me say thanks to everyone who taught me how to do wirework.  It's their sharing spirit that helped me learn.  I'd also like to thank my "guinea pigs" who helped test someof these.  Next I'd like to say that I had lots of fun writing these tutorials and it really helped me grow as an artist to write them.  I would especially like to thank those who have already taken the time to email me and ask for these tutorials.  (I don't mean to sound like a speech from an Oscar winner, but there are times when it's appropriate.)

I'm happy to say that I've finally figured out how to upload .pdf files, so you will need Adobe Reader for these files.  Unfortunately, somewhere in all the mayhem of creating these files, the first one got an extra line down the side.  I'm working on it, but in the meantime will leave the old one up.  If for some reason pdf files don't work for you, let me know and I'll be happy to find you a copy in MS Word or Works.

Number 1.     I love my Stretchy European 4 in 1 Chain Maille Bracelets!  These little beauties can be done in any color with neoprene o-rings and metal rings of your choice.  With Enameled Copper, the possibilities are endless!  I learned about this on the Chain Maille Ring Board on Yahoo.  After I started making them, I saw them in Dylon Whyte's book, Chain Mail Jewelry.  I guess great minds think alike!

To download the intructions for this, please click here.



Number 2:     This 2 in 2 Beadmaille Bracelet is both elegant and fun, and a perfect introduction to beadmaille.   I first learned this from Maaria, on the Creative Wire Jewelry Forum, and many of us call it a "Maaria" Bracelet.

Click here to download the instructions.





Number 3:    The Helm or Parallel Chain was also taught to the CWJ group by Maaria.  This chain has to be seen to be appreciated, as it is one of the most beautiful patterns out there.

To download instructions, please click here.