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Seetaraam Everyone 

I do hope all of you are keeping safe and washing your hands regularly and not touching your face much.. 

Please take care and be safe. This message is to inform you that the show schedule for the 25th April 2020 is cancelled until..

 Also Sunday morning service is also cancelled until all the COVID19 calms down we will try our best to keep you all updated on what s going on with the mandir activities and how we will proceed please bare with us as we are thinking of the welfare of all devotees and members of the mandir. Your health is important to us so let's work together and help each other be safe. If you need further information please dont hesitate to contact myself or the president we will gladly answer all your questions 

Thank you for your kind understanding..

Jai Shree Krishna


Please invite your friends and family for Shri Satnarayan Puja on  Sun 8th March  2020 from 5:00pm

The Satyanarayan Puja is a religious worship of the Hindu god Vishnu. Satya means truth and narayana means, The highest being, so Satyanarayan means “The highest being who is an embodiment of Truth.Vrat or Puja means a religious vow, religious observance, or obligation


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