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Holy Child Academy is strategically located in the heart of Poblacion,
 Ubay,Bohol, It occupies the remodeled convent of the Parish which
building was built during the Spanish time.

The Holy Child Academy came into existence in June 1955 after the
Ubay High School and the Abraham Lincoln College , which served the
educational needs of the Ubayanos and the neighboring towns, closed
because of financial and administrative difficulties that they encountered.
Rev. Fr. Germiniano Sempron who was the Parish Priest at the time
saw the vacuum that resulted from the closure of the two educational
institutions and realizing the importance of education and seeing the needs
of the youth decided to open the
assistance of the late Mr. Arguedo R. Maboloc, Sr. and the late
Mr. Toribio R. Reyes, Sr.

Since, then, Holy Child Academy
has served countless numbers and made
it possible for many to attain their ambitions in life. From among its
graduates are Priest, Doctors, Engineers,Teachers, Nurses, Overseas
Workers, and many others.

From its humble beginning it has grown, to be with what it is now through
the unselfish, devoted and loyal service of all those who were behind its
administration. Since its founding
Holy Child Academy has the good fortune
of having the following as its
1.) Rev. Fr. Germiniano Sempron                                   1955-1956;
2.) Rev. Fr.Margarito R. Gonzaga                                 1956-1962;
3.) Rev. Fr. Eliseo C. Echavia                                        1962-1964;
4.) Rev. Fr. Cirilo D. Darunday, Jr                               1964-1968 ;
5.) Rev. Fr. Eustaquio L.Salera                                     1968-1972;
6.) Rev. Fr. Gaudioso Sucre                                          1972-1976;
7.) Rev. Fr. Domingo Boiser, Jr                                     1976-1977.;
8.) Rev. Fr. Romeo A. Dompor                                       1981-1986;
9.) Rev. Fr. Silvano A. Evangelista                                1988-1992;
10.) Rev. Fr. Leonilo C. Lopena                                      1992-1996;
11.) Rev. Fr. Abelardo G. Vallejos                                  1996-1999;
12.) Rev. Fr. Jose Arlou T. Buslon                                 1999-2002;
13.) Rev. Fr. Cosme Damian R. Almedilla                        2002-2005; and
14.) Rev. Fr.Melquiades A. Bayron                                2005-present

The Principals were:

1.)Mr. Alberto Gaviola, Sr.                                          1955-1958;
2.) Mr. Aquedo R. Maboloc                                          1958-1959;
3.) Mr. Dionisio S. Reyes                                             1959-1962;
4.) Mr. Hermogenes Ricafort                                       1962-1967;
5.) Mr. Francisco R. Ceballos                                       1967-1989;
6.) Mr. Rodrigo G. Maboloc                                         1989-1996;
7.) Rev. Fr. Abelardo G. Vallejos                                  1996-1999;
8.) Sr. Ma. Elvira S. Lasaca, MCSH                              1999-2001;
9.) Rev. Fr. Cosme Damina R. Almedilla                         2002-2003
10.) Sr. M. Gwendolyn O Condor, MCSH                       2003-2007;
Sr. Ma. Elvira S. Lasaca, MCSH                             2007-present

Holy Child Academy
started with an enrollment of 300. As the years rolled
by the enrollment grew slowly but steadily until it has reached the present
enrollment of almost thousand.

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