Hawthorne Acres Sanctuary

Established in 1998 in Memory of Ira

About Hawthorne Acres Sanctuary

Hawthorne Acres Sanctuary is a privately funded, no-kill, cage-free cat shelter located, in Shippensburg, PA. We provide shelter and care for abandoned, homeless, neglected cats, including cats with special needs. Vaccinations and medical care and spay and neuter services are provided by Burnt Mill Veterinary Center, Shippensburg, PA.

The shelter consists of a large mobile home, a completely fenced in 50-60 foot outside enclosure (fencing on top as well) with additional housing (sheds). There are two small enclosures with access to separate rooms. The cats have access to dry food and water all the time. They get fed canned food once a day. Daily cleaning and special care is provided. The mobile home is heated during the cold season.

When cats get adopted out we are very careful in making sure that the cats go to loving homes and will receive proper care and attention.

We provide rescue service whenever we receive requests for helping cats who are in danger or injured, such as rescues from trailer parks or apartment complexes where the lives of feral cats are being threatened and we provide assistance in rescuing feral colonies when their shelters (sheds, garages, etc.) are being torn down.

We further provide literature on proper care of cats and other pets, help with spay and neuter costs and costs for food for people who want to keep their animals but face financial constraints, and we assist in the placement of dogs (we had networked with PAWS) and other companion animals.

Please consider adopting from us! We have cats of all ages, personalities, sizes and shapes :)

Adoptions are free! You will receive the vaccination records, rabies tag and certificate, medical records and spay or neuter records.




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