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Get Fit With Coach Hahle fmketelsen@cps.edu

 Dates to Remember: 

6/15/2018: PreK-4th Field Day!

6/18/2018: 5th-8th Field Day!

Contact Email: fmketelsen@cps.edu

Welcome Letter to Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students,

Hello, this is Coach Hahle, the physical education teacher at James Ward School. This is my 15th year teaching at Ward and 18th year teaching P.E. I am looking forward to this year being our best and healthiest yet. Students will have P.E. once a week but will be participating in fitness EVERY day. Students will have a 25 minute daily recess so make sure your children are dressed appropriately during cooler and cold weather. We will be outside for recess unless it is raining, icy or below 32 degrees F. Another opportunity that will give your children fitness breaks in the classroom is the Chicago Run program. Studies have proven that exercise before tests stimulates brain function, helping students to concentrate better and improve test scores.

In my physical education class we will be covering a wide variety of physical activities. These include the performance and understanding of motor skills, games, sports, dance and lifelong fitness activities as well as the social/emotional and etiquette skills related to participating in physical activities. I will use a physical education rubric to grade the students daily (see below). I will also use assessments at the end of a unit as an additional grading tool. 

Wellness is an important goal of mine. Nutrition is a key part of health and will be constantly integrated into my teaching. We must continue follow the CPS health policies that have been in place for the last few years. One example is "No pastries/candy for birthday celebrations." Some alternatives to sugary snacks are kids giving out stickers, pencils/pens, erasers, Cuties, or carrots.  

Kindergarten through 8th grade students will be receiving sexual health education classes throughout the year. A letter will be sent home letting you know the topics covered by grade level. If you wish to opt your child out of sexual health please send a written note to Faith Hahle or an emailed notification to fmketelsen@cps.edu. More information from CPS can be found here on my website under "Sexual Health Education".

We need to work together to improve the overall health and wellness of our children at Ward. This can be done! I am excited to be giving your children a foundation of physical education and health that they can continue to develop throughout their lives but this also depends on your encouragement of additional fitness activities outside of school and healthy eating habits at home. If you would like to contact me with any questions or concerns, you may email me at fmketelsen@cps.edu or call James Ward School and leave a message. 


Coach Faith Hahle

Below you will find Ward's gym uniform policy and my rules/daily grading rubric. 

James Ward Gym Uniform:

Ward (or any other) navy blue athletic pants, jogging pants, or shorts

Navy blue gym T-shirt or sweatshirt with James Ward logo


Physical Education Daily Grading Rubric (12 points possible)

2 POINTS -  Prepared for class (gym shoes, gym shirt) 

1 POINT - Full effort during warm-up starters 

2 POINTS - Following directions/rules & listening 

2 POINTS - Respecting others and equipment 

2 POINTS - Showing good sportsmanship 

2 POINTS - Putting forth full effort during the activity 

1 POINT - Performance of skills 

Department of Physical Development and Health


In concert with the vision of the Chicago School Reform Board of Trustees of the Chicago Public Schools, Physical Development and Health programs (K-12) will provide for the development of the whole child by creating opportunities for students to obtain the knowledge, skills, and values required for living a responsible and healthy lifestyle.

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