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Welcome. This is the official website of Haunted Investigations of Tennessee, (H.I.T.) We are Professional Paranormal Investigators dedicated in searching for proof of the existance of Ghosts, Hauntings and spiritual activity. We are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Although we are specialists in Ghost hunting and investigation, we are not limited to only that specific subject. We take EMF readings, EVP recordings, Photo, and Video during investigations, and analyze them for proof of paranormal activity. We go into an investigation to disprove, before proving paranormal activity.  Here, you will view paranormal photos, learn about local haunted spots, listen to EVP's, and view upcoming investigations. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas,  would like for Haunted Investigations of Tn. to conduct an investigation for you, or to join Haunted Investigations of Tn's H.I.T team of Professional Paranormal Investigators, click the H.I.T. team yahoo group link on this site below. You can also visit our MySpace page by clicking it's link, also below. To e mail Haunted Investigations of Tennessee, hauntedinvestigationsoftn@yahoo.com. We are also on Pal Talk. Log on, and search for The Haunted Investigations of Tn Ghost Investigations video and voice room. It is in the Religeon and Spirituality section, & Metaphysical category. If you don't have Pal Talk, click the link provided here for free voice and video chat. The H.I.T. Contact telephone number is 615-987-1625. We are a non profit organization, and are always eager to accept investigations from the public.

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