The Hollow

By John Donlan

Dungeon Craft

Dungeon Craft is an excellent RPG construction kit that allows you to create games in the style of the old Gold Box games from SSI. This page will offer art downloads to use in the game, and hopefully some mods/campaigns in the not too distant future.

* NEWS *


8 new icons have been added today, including new Cthulhu icons! The new icons are: 3 Cthulhu cultist variations, 2 Drow, a gnoll, a halfling ranger and an iron golem. Enjoy.


It has been awhile since I updated this site, but I finally got around to making a few more icons. I have added 3 new PC combat icons: A dwarven cleric, a human fighter and a human ranger. I also added an Allip to the monster icons. I will be doing more over the coming weeks.

Below is a preview of some of the icons available for download.


A host of fantasy based Player Character icons. This file currently includes 20 icons.


A selection of fantasy based monster icons, including a dragon, otyugh, troll and others. Currently includes 24 icons.


These icons are all based on the works of HP Lovecraft, for anyone interested in creating a mod based in the Cthulhu setting. This will, at some point include PC and monster icons. So far there are 2 PC icons available.


Two marble wallsets to download, one with a window, one without.      

I am working on more art, which I will add to this site as and when it is completed. Feel free to download any images you like. They are all free to use however you want but a little credit would be very nice.

The Dungeon Craft website can be reached by following the link below.

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