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       For the past 20 years, we have strived to create the most cost effective, quality based  teleprompters and speechprompters on the market. When comparing Mirror Image to other manufacturers, keep in mind;

  •       a. You will receive a system with a high end GLASS beam-splitter mirror, not plastic acrylic that may produce a color shift or optical apparition. are shooting through this mirror.

  •        b. Our LCD panels are custom designed and built for us. they feature a menu based "reversing" options to reverse the text as needed in a teleprompter system. No special reverse boxes or the need to place a mirror next to your laptop to view your backward text. Our software remains in the "normal" mode giving the laptop operator a great workstation or screen to prompt from. (excluding LCD starter series)

  •     c. The panels also accept both composite (NTSC/PAL) and SVGA signals, and are brighter than a standard off the shelf LCD panel. (all over 400 NTS) (excluding LCD starter serieMirror Image also has incorporated an adjustable height camera support riser to accommodate all camera styles and types. No need to modify the system if you use a different camera.

All we do at Mirror Image is make quality teleprompter systems. Let us meet and fill all your prompting needs.


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