Elizabeth Toll

Stories: Real and Fictional

Published Works

"Spa." A short urban fantasy/horror story.  February 2007,  Visioncon Program Book

"Roadfreedom."  An article about the Retreads, a motorcycle club for riders over forty. Published   August 2006 in "Ozarks Maturity."

"Battle of the Bulge" and "Ozarkers Say Staying Slimmer is the Hardest Part."  A series of weight loss articles.  Published July 2006 in "Ozarks Maturity."

"No Losers at the Senior Games." An article covering the Senior games in Springfield Missouri.  Published July, 2006 issue of "Ozarks Maturity."

"Women of War"  Interviews with two female war veterans; one served in Vietnam, the other in Iraq.  A series of two articles, one co-written with Chris Powers.  Published May, 2006 in "Ozarks Maturity."