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Therapeutic Music at the Bedside, Music for Weddings




Tristan Adair plays the harp in two different applications:

Music for Celebrations & Events:  Angels and Brides choose Harp Song!  - Exquisite music that will make a wedding day memorable.   Adair has years of experience playing weddings, receptions, private dinner parties, corporate events, worship services, baptisms and funerals.  To learn more about Adair's celebratory practice, click on the above page, Celebrations.  Contact Tristan at  (385) 414-4339.  If I don't answer please leave a message and I will return your call.. I am often with music therapy patients and cannot answer the phone immediately.

Music for the Dying:  When a person is approaching the end of life, prescriptive music played live at the bedside can assist the dying person in a peaceful transition.  Highly trained bedside musicians use voice and the harp to bring physical and emotional comfort to the dying.  Adair has a long background and training in classical music, starting classical piano at age three, then adding the violin, viola and string bass.  She degreed in Applied Music and performed professionally with chamber groups and symphonies, as well as doing some recording work.  She studied with Gary Karr, Bertram Turetzky, Audrey Bush and David Yavornitzky.  

While volunteering in patient care at a hospice in Oregon, she learned that trained individuals use the harp and sing at the bedside of the dying.  She felt a deep calling to explore this use of music at the bedside.  Adair applied, attended, interned and graduated with the class of 1998 at a school based in St Patrick Hospital in Montana, that focused on the use of harp and voice for palliative, end of life care. After her 3 years of study, and after graduating and being pinned with the class of 1998, she returned to Oregon and brought this modality to her local hospice.  She eventually moved to Utah and currently works full time for a Salt Lake hospice.  Adair has some 18 years experience with playing at the bedside of the dying, and has played more than 8,000 bedside vigils.  To learn more about this palliative, non-invasive modality that assists with terminal agitation, anxiety, pain relief, and spiritual comfort click above on Prescriptive Music. 



Call Tristan at (385) 414-4339.  Please leave a message, as I am often playing harp and unable to answer phone immediately.