West London Darts League

The West London Dart League was formed in April 2004

A meeting was held after flyers had been distributed to local pubs and the league was formed, with a strong committee of 20 individuals everyone has a part in running the league.

The aims of this league were to play regular weekly darts, keep the format simple,allow mixed teams and encourage Youth progression through the league, and of course to enjoy darts as a sport and social event.

In the first year we ran almost blind, not quite knowing what to expect, but we finished our first year on a high note, every report back to the committee was one of encouragment and praise...

We were off the mark and we havent looked back.... Our league keeps growing, our reputation for fairness preceeding us.


back to Steve Harper by 10am friday Morning to stephenharper956@btinternet.com. Contact must be made by the home team either by email or text

Continuous non show of results may result in the home team losing points