Grey Delisle Online Interview

Heres Our Online Interview with Grey Delisle, the voice of Azula

Special Thanks to Sheila and Grey Delisle!

-How does it feel portraying a cold hearted villain?

weird .but also very enjoyable! i'm a pretty nice girl...sort of a "pollyanna" type but i always seem to get the good villain roles...hmmmmmmm........

-Do you watch Avatar/follow the story line?

i am ashamed to say..i haven't seen the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hardly ever watch my own work. i just end up picking myself apart! i can't even stand to hear myself on voicemail. the sound of my own voice is like nails on a chalkboard. the same goes for my records.

-Do you have a favorite Avatar character?

mai. i love her droll demeanor and how she has zuko so whipped.

-How do you feel about the show in terms of production?

the guys who work on the show are very smart and take even the smallest things into account.they are very particular about the character choices and getting just the right read out of the actors.  it kind of reminds me of star wars in that way. i think the creators really care a lot about the fans and honoring the art of storytelling and animation. it's inspiring.

-If you were given a choice to voice any Avatar character, who would you voice over?

katara. i actually got to play an actress portraying her in an upcoming episode. i cried a lot. it was fun!

-Out of all the shows you work on, which character do you like playing the best?

azula...seriously! i'm not just saying that. mandy on the grim adventures is a close second but that show is wrapped so...'s been a pleasure answering your questions! thanks for asking 'em!