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11am Thursday 27th December 2018

Appointments required at all other times


20/12/2018 AVAILABILITY; Bovans Goldline , Bovans S

ilver,  Bovans Nera, Bovans White, Rhode Ranger,

 Black Pearl, Barred Rock, Heritage Skyline

Please TEXT 07739 514624 to make an appointment for h

en purchases, 

consultations, boarding, rehoming, etc


Open  most Saturdays 12-2pm by appointment 

Open Thursday & Friday 10am - 4pm by appointment 


Please TEXT 07739 514624 for an appointment



Will be held Saturday afternoons by appointment, BOOKING ESSENTIAL

 Next session;


Please text / email to book a place


Wormer, mite and lice powder available now!

Hard wood chips (Run chips) available now!

Beginners - please read;

We advise that anyone new to hen keeping attends a Beginners Session BEFORE purchasing any hens, feed or equipment. Even if you have read lots of books there is no substitute for 'hands on' training and a chance to have any questions or concerns answered. We also supply complete starter kits for your convenience and peace of mind.

Although we welcome beginners to come and look around during our usual opening hours we would ask that you come at the end of opening hours so I can show you how to handle the birds and answer any questions, (please see opening times above). Please note that this is NOT a substitute for a beginners session and only very basic advice can be offered outside of a beginners session due to time constraints.


New to hen keeping? Then come to a beginners session (click for more info)


We hold beginners sessions by arrangement, usually on Saturdays, once we have a booking we advertise the date so other people can book.

Please email to book your place on an existing session or book a new date.

£15 per adult, £2 per child (children under 4yrs old are free)

Private beginners sessions / petting sessions / talks for clubs or schools / consultancy visits can be arranged for any day of the week, from £60 for a 1hr talk, 30mins handling & 30mins Q&A's) plus travel costs if you want me to travel to your venue (please click here for more info)

Retail Prices & Availability (trade customers please scroll down page) 

Updated 30th April 2016

PRICE LIST 2015 1 - 9 10 - 25 26 - 49 50+


Commercial Brown* 13.00 12.00 10.50 9.00

Order for 9th July

Bovans Goldline 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Bovans Amber / Silver 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Bovans Nera 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Bovans White 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Coral Reef

No longer available

Rhode / Sussex Ranger 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Red / Gold Barred 18.00 17.00 15.00 13.00

Ready Now

Barred (Black) Rock 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Black Pearl 16.00 15.00 13.00 11.00

Ready now

Blue Haze / Splash 18.00 17.00 15.00 13.00

Ready now

Maran Coucou / Cuivre 18.00 17.00 15.00 13.00

Ready now

Partridge Brown 18.00 17.00 15.00


Ready now

Heritage Skyline 20.00 19.00 17.00 15.00

Ready now


* Commercial Brown - 4 wks notice required

* TRADE orders - 4 wks notice required

Cockerels available in all varieties

Hybrids - £6  each  Pure Breeds - £10 each

Please order cockerels in advance of collection

For further information on hen varieties / how to introduce new birds / etc please scroll down this page.

Visitors outside listed opening hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Appointments can be made by TEXT message or email. If you leave a voicemail please call back if I havn't called you within 48 hours.

07739 514624


All existing customers will continue to SAVE £1.00 on every hybrid pullet purchased in 2016! (Pay the 10+ price)

(*excludes promotion / sale prices and pure breeds)

All Varieties can be mixed and the 10+ discount will still apply.


Already keeping chickens and wish to add to your flock?

Pre-order your pullets to collect during 'Happy Hour' on a PROMOTION DAY and pay the 26+ rate for your hens!

No further loyalty or quantity discounts apply .

Next Date - Sat 9th July 2016

Please Phone / text or email to place your order and arrange a collection time


We supply 2 types of housing;

1) The EGLU 'GO' A plastic, insulated hen house suitable for up to 4 hens

2) A range of QUALITY ENGLISH, hand made, shiplap hen housing for 3 - 50 hens

Please see Hen Housing page for more details or come and see our DISPLAY MODELS


Before you take your hens home you need to make sure you have your housing and equipment ready.

I keep feed, bedding, feeders, drinkers, supplements and books, etc in stock for collection or delivery

I sell complete starter kits (including the hens) from £120*, and EGLU starter kits from £100* (*3 hen starter kit)

Please note that hens and feed are for collection only unless you are having a hen house delivered.

Delivery of books, feeders and drinkers is usually within 7 days of order and P&P starts at £5 (books, leg rings and small items are £2 P&P). Please contact me with your requirements.breeder friendly hen chicken breeder garden hen chicken breeder childrens hen rearer chicken breeder happy hen chicken chicken cockerel essex chicken 


Retailers of hens or commercial egg sellers are eligable for trade prices on pre-ordered birds

Please contact me IN ADVANCE to avoid embarrasment, I cannot offer trade prices unless you PRE-ORDER

Trade prices apply to orders of 10 or more birds. Please scroll down the page for prices / more details.

Please note that EXTRA SERVICES that are free with retail purchases are charged for with trade orders;

Leg rings - 20p each, Wing clipping - 20p per bird.

cockerel suffolk, chicken cockerel norfolk chicken hen hertfordshire chicken hen cambridgeshire chicken for sale chelmsford chicken for sale stansted hen for sale cambridge pullet for


POL Hens Prices & Availability

Updated 20th June 2016

I amnow in my 10th year of selling hybrid hens and I still pride myself on the quality of my birds and my personal customer service. Keeping and breeding chickens is my hobby. I sell some surplus pure breeds, breeding stock, POL pullets and occasionally free range laying hens from my own flock to help support my own breeding / laying stock. You can be assured that all my birds are reared, housed and handled in the same way and are fed the same quality feed as the hens you see on your visit.

Due to recent bird thefts and for biosecurity reasons I now keep most of my breeding stock, chicks and growers at a secure location which is not open to visitors, when they are fully vaccinated and ready for sale I bring them to 'Happy Hens' where they are available for you to view and choose your own hens. Be assured that at 'Happy Hens' you won't find any chickens hidden away in dark sheds 'out the back', we do occasionally have to keep some youngsters indoors due to bad weather.

All hens have their personalities and special features, therefore I encourage you to choose your own hens. I will also show you how to pick up and hold your hens and how to clip a wing (wing clipping is free and done routinely to all birds as they are sold unless you ask otherwise). I can also offer advice on feeding, healthcare and common ailments before and after purchase. If you are new to the hobby then I would recommend attending a beginners session before purchasing any hens, feed or equipment. My starter kits are still great value and offer the convenience factor of not needing any further feed or supplies for around 6 weeks!

I understand that for back yard keepers their hens are not just 'laying machines' but a part of the family. As one family said "The children have had many different pets over the years but the hens have proved to be by far the most rewarding".

Advice for adding new hens

It is always best to introduce a minimum of 2 hens to an existing flock. It is best to pop the new hens on the ends of the perches when the existing hens are in the coop for the night. They will wake up together in the morning and should have minimal problems. There will be some pecking to establish the new pecking order, you may need to put an extra feeder and drinker in the coop / run to ensure the new hens get their share and make sure any afternoon treats are spread out well in the run. You will need to keep all of your hens in the enclosed run for 5-10 days until the pecking order is re-established. You can rub olbas oil / vicks vaporub on all of the hens backs / necks and combs to prevent too much pecking. If feathers are lost and blood shed then you can apply (wear disposable gloves!) stockholm tar (from horse feed outlets) to bare patches and wounds (clean wounds with warm salt water first), this will help healing and feather regrowth and should prevent further pecking.

When to introduce 1 hen - I often get phone calls from people who are down to 1 hen (mostly Eglu customers who were originally sold 2 hens and 1 has died) and are desperate to get a new hen as company (hens will pine away very quickly if left on their own). On this occassion I would advise getting 1 hen then adding 2 more hens after a month or so when the first 2 hens are settled (mark 2 Eglus will house 4 hybrid hens comfortably).

I also get phone calls from people who have purchased 1 pullet (often after being misinformed by a hobby 'breeder' or a friend who has hatched a few chicks) and she has not settled in with the others. On this occassion I would advise choosing a timid pullet of around the same age and letting these two get to know each other before introducing the new pair to the rest of the flock.

These are both very distressing situations and ones that are best to avoid.

POL & Laying Hybrid Hens

All of our hens are compassionately reared to Freedom Foods and Lion Code standards and are fully vaccinated to comply with the highest legal and welfare recommendations.

*Please note, the minimum purchase is 2 hens (or 3 hens if you do not already keep chickens). This is for the welfare of the chickens who are communal animals and they need company. The only exception to this is if you only have 1 hen left, then I would advise getting 1 hen (see 'advice for adding new hens' above).

Most Friendly starter birds

- brown egg layers

Bovans Goldline / Golden Ranger (white tail) -  the gold standard in brown egg layers

Bovans Silver / Silver Ranger - a beautiful white/cream bird for brown eggs, super friendly

Bovans Amber / Amber Ranger -  cream bird with brown flecks, lovely and calm

Rhode Ranger / Redco / Columbian Blacktail - Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex, good, hardy free ranger

Red Barred / Gold Mottled - Rhodebar Hybrids,  very pretty sex linked Barred Rock crosses

- a mix of egg colours

Sussex Ranger (light sussex lookalike), Partridge Brown (leghorn), Tricolour Mottled (leghorn) - lay cream coloured eggs

Maran Coucou / Speckledy, Maran Cuivre / Starlight - for dark brown / speckled eggs

Chalkhill  Blue, Heritage Skyline (legbar) - for Blue or pastel coloured eggs

Excellent hardy free rangers / winter layers

Black Pearl / Pied / Daisybelle - a stunning black bird with white neck hackles, lays cream coloured eggs

Blue Haze / Blue Belle / Splash - a beautiful lavender coloured bird. Maran x Egg colour varies from cream to dark brown

Bovans Nera  / Rhode Rock / Black Rock - the star free range performer, the choice of Organic producers

Bovans White / White Star / White Leghorn -  An abundance of large white eggs all year round

Coral Reef / Coral Link - A white coloured bird for white or pinky white coloured eggs. A calmer bird for those that want white eggs but find the white star unmanagable

Commercial Hybrids  (to order only)

ISA Brown / Babcock / Lohmann / Warren (as available) - Commercial Brown Variety, white / black tails as hatched.

Suitable for commercial flocks where birds are kept indoors / intensively or are replaced annualy on a free range system.

Excellent layers of up to 340 eggs over a 54 week laying cycle (figures when kept intensively).

These birds are usually beak trimmed, if you want untrimmed organically reared birds these can be reared to order.


Collection  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, (usually Saturday afternoons)

You MUST phone or email prior to visiting

07739 514624


Due to recent bird thefts I am afraid we do not have any pure breeds or hatching eggs available at the present time

Delivery Charges

Delivery Charges

- FROM CM6 3RJ - I use MSN Maps & Directions to determine milage

Up to 25 miles = minimum delivery charge £30

Over 25 miles = £30 + £1 a mile thereafter

(e.g 30 miles = £35, 40 miles = £45, 50 miles = £55)

How to get started with hens

Come to a beginners session (dates at top of page) to learn about housing / feeding / choosing and handling your hens.

Decide which varieties of hens and how many of each you would like, you can mix varieties as we keep all of our pullets together from hatch date (unlike many suppliers).

We would advise you start with at least 3 hens as sometimes you lose one (this does occasionally happen) then you do not have a single unhappy hen.

Decide where you are going to keep your chickens. Have you got a house and enclosed run ready for them? If not we have hen houses on display for you to view / purchase.

We supply complete starter kits (see starter kit page on left menu bar) to get you started.

We can supply hen houses, moveable arks, equipment, feed and bedding if required.

Decide if you would like to choose and collect your own chickens or you would rather we deliver them to you (delivery charge applies).

Call us to reserve your chickens / starter kit / hen house and arrange a collection / delivery date.

Start collecting egg boxes from friends and family!

What happens if the type of hen I want is out of stock?

Don't worry, we always have some of each variety hatching / being reared. We hatch and rear all year round.

Just let us know how many of each type you require and we will let you know when they are due to be ready.

We rear our pulllets at a secure location to which we do not acccept visitors for biosecurity reasons.

We don't sell our pullets until they have completed their vaccination programme, usually at 15 weeks of age.

We are happy to take orders in advance.

Contact Us

Farm Address for viewing / collections - by appointment only.

Happy Hens, Three Acres, The Downs, Bran End, Stebbing, Essex, CM6 3RJ

Visitors STRICTLY by appointment only - please see 'contact' page for directions.

Text / Answerphone - 07739 514624

email - kirsty@hensforhomes.co.uk

I accept payment by Cash, Cleared Cheque (prior to collection) or PayPal.


Trade orders for brown hens may need to be placed 4 weeks in advance.

For coloured birds orders may need to be placed 8 weeks in advance.


Variety 10- 25 birds 26 - 49 50-79 80+
Commercial Brown 9.50 8.50 7.50 7.00
Redco 10.50 9.50 8.50 8.00
White link 10.50 9.50 8.50 8.00
Silver link 10.50


8.50 8.00
Black link 10.50 9.50 8.50 8.00
Coral link 10.50 9.50 8.50 8.00
Pied link 10.50 9.50 8.50 8.00
Sussex Link 10.50 9.50 8.50 8.00
French Blue 11.50 10.50 9.50 9.00
French Copper Black 11.50 10.50 9.50 9.00
French Coucou 11.50 10.50 9.50 9.00
Heritage Legbar 15.50 14.50 13.50 13.00
up to 25 miles £30
£1 mile thereafter

Prices are for 16 week old fully vaccinated pullets.

Price increases by 25p a bird per week up to 24 weeks of age.

Please note that EXTRA SERVICES that are free with retail purchases are charged for with trade orders;

Leg rings - 20p each, Wing clipping - 20p per bird.

All varieties (except Organic) may be beak trimmed, please ask for Organically reared birds* if you want to ensure they have not been trimmed.

There is a £2 per bird surcharge for Organically reared birds.

Commercial Brown Variety

Brown link  (Babcock / ISA / / Lohmann / Warren as available)

Suitable for commercial flocks where birds are replaced anually. Excellent layers of up to 340 eggs in the first year.

Commercial White egg layers

White link 

Suitable for commercial flocks where birds are replaced anually. Excellent layers of up to 340 eggs in the first year.

Commercial Free Range / Organic layers

Black link, Red link, Silver link, Coral Link, Sussex link / Pied link or choose a mixed coloured selection (ideal for where hens are on view to the public)

Suitable for Free range flocks. Excellent hardy birds. Layers of around 280 large eggs in the first year.

Commercial French Blue

The French blue hen makes a great free range bird for farmers selling free range / organic eggs in their farm shops. Layers of around 250 eggs in the first and second year.

The birds look great and are very hardy. Egg colour varies from pale brown to dark brown.

Commercial French Maran

Copper Black / Speckled(Coucou)

The Copper Black hen makes a great free range bird for farmers selling free range / organic eggs in their farm shops. Layers of around 250 speckled / dark brown eggs in the first and second year.

The birds look great are very hardy and you get speckled / dark brown eggs making your eggs stand out from the rest.

Coloured egg layers

Heritage Legbar

The Heritage Legbar makes a great free range bird for farmers selling free range / organic eggs in their farm shops.

Layers of around 250 eggs of mixed pastel colours - Blue, Green, Pink or Cream eggs

The birds come in a variety of colours so they look great and your eggs will stand out from the rest.

Commercial bird prices apply to birds collected / delivered on a pre agreed date, prices will increase weekly if uncollected. Please ask for a delivery quote if required.


Collection  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (usually Friday afternoons)

You MUST phone or email prior to visiting

Delivery within 100miles (delivery charge applies, see above)

Text / Answerphone - 07739 514624

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