Land For Sale

               5.8 ACRES                     T.M.K.: (2) 1-4-011-007 0000

Enjoy the heavenly ambiance of Hana


1/4 mile from the hana highway, mountain side, only 1/2 mile from ocean. 

 sloping land, three miles south of Hana, 

a few minutes from the Hamoa beaches.

This large lot  has been partially cleared, the land provides excellent views of the ocean and big island.  No further clearing is necessary, what has been done is discreet and provides privacy from the road.

The land is gated and the very well built gravel road runs from the county road to the building site. A grass track runs the length of the rest of the land.

Access is very good, the land is directly on the Maka Ale II county maintained road to the north, and the Waiohono Gulch with a spectacular 120' seasonal waterfall to the south. Build your ohana here to view the gulch and waterfall, walk directly out onto the top of the waterfall from the upper portion of the lot.


 Imagine this view from the lanai of your home. Just to the left of this picture is the building site and Mauna Kea on the Big Island is very visible from there. I took this picture standing in front of the stand of palms at the top of the land.

This is land that I had intended to retire on, but as plans do, mine have changed and now this exceptional piece of land is avaialble for sale.

The building site has already been leveled and prepared, the gravel road leads nearly to the site. The natural lava outcropings  will provide lovely natural landscaping.  I started putting in plants of all types, but with the rapid growth of the cane grass, many have been covered. When you begin your land scaping, the plants will be revealed! The views are second to none as you look out over the rolling landscape.

Raise a garden, or create a pasture for your horses. at least 2 of the 5+acres are very level and gently sloping, having a natural drainage in the middle.  A good area for pastures or farming. The southern side of the lot is currently wooded but easy to walk through, having a grass track along the sides and top. This land was used for pastures, before that, sugar cane. There are large trees growing on this land, and a number of mangos.

The Venus pools are a short easy walk of about 15 minutes, they are at the end of the Waiohono Gulch, which borders the land.

Here where there are perfect growing conditions you can grow the most beautiful garden in the world.

Orchids flourish here as well as all tropical plants. Citrus, Banana, Mango, Passion Fruit, all grow well.

This is a very desireable area of Hana as the amount of rain that falls here is somewhat less than on the north side which make it less humid and more of a comfortable climate. 

The land is a rectangular shape, the gulch forms the border to the south and the road in, the border to the east. The western is a heavily wooded border with the neighboring land, nothing is built nearby.

All the homes along the Maka Ale II road are on large lots, most are at least 5 acres. Most homes are not even visible from the county road.





view from the bottom of the lot

view from the ravine





at the top of the ravine, above waterfall


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