The Bond

a sci-fi/fantasy novel series by Tom Halvorson

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   The Bond - The Path of Destiny (Vol. I & II)


      Follow the adventure of an angel, a hero, and a cast of companions that have been chosen to save creation from the coming evil.

Briana has struggled to find her place in Heaven. But when she is picked to perform a mission of great importance, she will need the help of her friend Uriah, a former demon, to see her through. As she guides her hero, Devin, toward his destiny, she will face the cunning evil of her adversary - the mysterious demon named Darkness. Briana will have to face her own worst fears in this game of good vs. evil. It will take everything she has to stay on the path of good and not succumb to the temptations of Darkness. As Devin finds himself in a foreign place, he will need to face his past in order to succeed - the death of his mother that has haunted him since he was a child.

They will need to find the strength to overcome their obstacles and find the one true power that can hold the Merging universes together - The Bond.


      Artwork copyrighted and commissioned by
                                 Douglas Shuler

                                   All Rights Reserved Copyrighted 2010

The Bond - III - The Heart of Destiny

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