Halos And Rainbows

It's Magic you know - never believe it's not so!

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All Children are magical beings

Little Angels arriving with a Halo

Ready to be Rainbow polished

All our lives we are learning

Sometimes there are rainclouds

Always look for the Rainbow

For some good grows from each cloud

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Halos and Rainbows is a place where parents can have a break from being grown-up all the time, share some tips, pick up some stories to share with their Little Angels and remember being a child with fairies and fun.  I promise to try and find you the best links to any help or support you may need and hope that we will all share our experiences with a smile and good heart, we will try not to judge one another unless something that really needs reporting as a child protection issue.

The site is still under construction so please be patient. I think I've finally worked out how to use the forum - why not visit our Fairy Friends for a chat...

Love n huggles

Pink Fairy


Come see the world through your child's eyes

where mermaids swim and fairies fly

a world filled with wonder and delight

a world so perfect it must be right

so come with me and step within

and to yourself be a child again


If you find a picture on Halos And Rainbows that is yours please let me know so I can credit it to your name or remove it if you wish, no harm is meant I just like to share beautiful things with my fairy friends!

Come and meet our Fairy Friends on the Message Board soon, they're all excited now you're here!



Why Halos And Rainbows?

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I have no major childcare qualifications, I used to Child mind and did some courses but do not pretend to actually know anything about anything, I just know my children one of whom has Special Needs.  Halos and Rainbows is about dealing things weíve been through, maybe you have too or maybe you will one day.

I want to share the coping techniques I learned in all sorts of situations that our little Angels thrust upon us, often without warning and I'd love you to share yours too!

My kids arrived without instruction books, or even lists of numbered parts, I was sure there should be a users manual if nothing else  but as a lot of parents find out - this seems to be missing.   Maybe we should write our own!

Itís not easy being a parent, non-parents and professionals give their advice that works in a perfect world, or sadly a diagnosis and leave you to get on with it.   There is help out there but it can be hard to admit you need it, implement it or worse still access it.

There are so many little stories I could share with you, so many ideas and approaches to different experiences of life with a child experiencing difficulties. What works, what didnít work for us but might work for you, how to get through any  bad days and keep good days on track.

Memories of difficult situations, how we muddle through  them, what we try, how we all feel.   The frustrations of knowing that your Little Angel will pull round and all those moaning people are wrong and the pain of realising that just maybe they could be a tiny bit right. The horrors at 3am when you wake in a sweat wondering if itís you that makes them behave this way. The fear of leaving the room before the younger one can defend himself; the fear for the room later when they join forces. The laughter, fun and fights, goodness and guilt, unconditional love and the hope for a better day, the damage to our homes, health and some days our relationships. Basically the good and bad that every family experiences but with a twist of lemon and an extra serving of laughter.

Want to jump on a roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences that no-one ever warns you about before you become a parent?

Come on, let's surf the Rainbow of Family Life Together!

Love and Huggles



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Rainbow Roads

Did you ever wonder how you got to today, how the decisions you made or failed to make affected your life?

Can you remember being a teenager, planning how it was going to be in the big wide world? Did it work out that way; hmmm bet not many of us can say it truly did.

When youíre 14; 16 seems a long way off, 18 far further, 20ís a misty image and after that, well youíre never going to be that old.

Can you remember that saying ďhereís 50p - go buy a life!Ē well thereís a problem right there, where was the money back guarantee if it all went wrong? What if you didnít like the life you bought? Could you get a replacement? What if you never got 50p?

This was my plan Iíd meet Mr Perfect get married at 19, have a beautiful home, preferably with an old fashioned farmyard and 2 cars, a successful career doing something really cool but what? By the time I was 23 Iíd have 2 kids and after that holidays, family and fun, fun, fun.

 I was having so much fun.

One day, no idea how but everything changed and I became a mummy and somewhere between then and now I learned a lot, about life, about love, about myself and how to deal with the daily trials of being a family with kids.

Especially in a madhouse like mine with boys and pets running round in circles all the time and never a dull moment!

Well thatís my Rainbow Road; itís had its highs and lows , so far it's been a bit like a gyroscope on a catastrophe curve but we keep going because what else could we really do but smile and watch them learn and grow.

Who know what tomorrow will bring? Maybe we can find some answers together. Letís have some fun, support and try to see the lighter side of our Little Angels today!

love and huggles