Haikoo Zoo Petting Zoo

Happy Petting Haikoo Zoo Friends!

Welcome To Haikoo Zoo!

Welcome to Haikoo Zoo! I have had the honor of making a petting zoo!
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If you are a member, and do not see your pet blow, it is due to the fact that I cannot get your link.
Please be sure to leave your link on the wall of the group facebook page to insure accuracy on my behalf!
Facebook has privacy settings that you can set very high, please insure that they are not set high enough that we cannot view your pet. That would be sad!
Happy Petting!

 Agatha Maximilia:


 Barclay (Turky destinktifier):




  Boo & Bah:

 Brer Rabbit:




 Bunny Face:


 Dave and Kathie:




 Happy Hippo:













 Lawn Mower:






   Mepis Tux:
 No Name Yet (Cecilia):
No Name Yet (Chelsea):

 Popsicle Pete:
 Princess Karmangel:
 Q&A Lovebirds:
 Robby d Rabbit:
 Spike (Dennis):
 William Blake: